Sunday, March 29, 2009

G-20: Blame America First Citizen of the World Smackdown

Seems like his fellow citizens of the world are not too happy with their fellow comrade, Obama... From one woman's opinion, it seems that Obama will be negotiating from weakness when he goes to the G-20 conference. Hell, I'm surprised we even qualify to attend; this Administration has broken our financial back and if not completely, intends to do so as quickly as possible. Ayn Rand is spinning in her grave. Capitalism and our freedoms are what have made us great so let's just toss it all out - per Saul Alinsky. Once a community agitator, always a community agitator, just in a larger community. The thuggish politics of Chicago have just moved to the world stage. Good grief! Sarkosy of France doesn't have to worry about remaking or reforming capitalism - Obama and company are throwing everything out with the bathwater - including the bathtub and the faucets. Obama better get ready to be knocked around by his betters: German Smackdown and French to remake capitalism is every EU powers wet dream of bringing the United States of America down. And the French will pine away as their land is covered in black burgas flowing in the breezes as the chattel scurry from place to place: (A friend tells me that Paris where she used to live is now devoid of white people) "Well, Froggy went a'courting and he did whine, but Miss American Beauty weren't at his side; oh my, oh my!" Both England and France are seeing their nations turned into Islamic Republics right before their eyes. And who will not come to their aid to defend them - America because we have been so carelessly giving money and treasure away to the entire world that we are broke. Plus we have fallen prey to the god of moral equivalency and multiculturalism: remember AIG and Citigroup are run in some aspects by Islamic Sharia Finance which is anti-capitalism as is the Obama Administration and OUR taxdollars are bailing them out. And of course, due to his Islamist roots, Mr. Obama may side with his Middle Eastern supporters. But remember, they may all dislike a strong America but they will despise a "weak" America and will pick out bones clean the first chance they get. Coming soon at a G-20 conference or UN meeting near you. How can anyone see America at the bargaining table as anything but "weak" when our Secretary of State and our president both play the mantra of: Blame America First for mess we (the world is) are in. That's absurd. If we are to blame it is because of our generosity. We've been buying allies for generations and when we need them, they cut and run. Who exactly is doing the fighting in Afghanistan? Yes, from my perspective, Mr. Obama is going to the G-20 meeting with a weak hand. Not even a low pair. Most dangerously, he is Jimmy Carter steeped in malaise. Unfortunately, he may have to become the actual President of these United States of America and ALL of her citizens one of these days through the crucible of "fire" when we are once again attacked - as we are promised we will be. Makes me sick. I'm gonna go and watch 'The Good Shepherd' again and hope and pray that we have American patriots who work beyond the realm of appeasement politics and do risk their lives for our safety and for America's constitution and our freedoms. If I am naive, so be it. I know a young man who went into CIA. Of course, I don't know what he does there but I know he was a field operative. He won't see this little post but God bless him and other Americans like him who love this nation and are working to protect her. Politicians come and go but our clandestine forces live on. I don't know how many we have as field operatives but it is to you that my prayers go out. Even if I am naive and I admit that I could be, God bless you if you are protecting us - We, the American people... God knows we need you.


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