Friday, March 27, 2009

Obama and Geithner: power grab or worse?

Within fewer than the first 100 days of the Obama Administration, we - the American people - and people of the world are seeing the traditional government of the United States of America with its checks and balances overthrown from within. The first frontal attack is on our economy, read here on "economic Marxism". Everyone is screaming about the Obama Administration's grab for power over every business within the United States under the whim and direction of the Secretary of the Treasury. We are seeing an attack on our free-market capitalist system which is unprecedented and beating FDR in over-taking our system of free enterprise with massive government spending to make as many of us as possible dependent upon the "government." We are promised "health care" but not told of the rationed care where your doctor or mine will be told what care they can "give" to us and what care they cannot, regardless of our medical needs. All of our medical records are being and have been put into a national data base accessible across the nation. At first blush, that may seem like a good thing but remember, for every "thing" that can have good attached, there is plenty of room for abuse. In America, our U.S. Constitution is not being shredded; it is be avoided and disregarded by the very people sworn to uphold and protect us and our U.S. Constitution. As San Fran Nan said, "We won; we write the bills." Is it a "power" grab or is it worse? The free-market system is being overthrown so quickly that Americans and elected officials cannot even have time to read much less reflect upon the legislation being thrown into the maw of this "power grab." And we the people are left defenseless. Wait, watch, as it gets worse when these laws go into effect. When you watch an elderly parent or grandparent denied health care or given minimal health care, keep in mind that you and you alone can reverse this trend toward executive tyranny. We can still vote - naive but true - but we can. Approximately 62,000,000 Americans voted against this tyranny and I am convinced that many who voted for the current administration would not have voted for the sale of their children's future, not if they had known; nor would they have voted for the outrageous debt we will soon find ourselves in. God bless America; may God protect us. America needs about 300+ MEPs in the Congress like Daniel Hannan who spoke up for the British against the Prime Minister Gordon Brown while Britian continues to cave to the Islamists within. A friend once told me that what I was experiencing was "cognitive dissonance" where nothing made sense and up was down and down was up. It is true and the administration's rush to complete the dismantling of our national roots and historical traditions within less than 100 days is in itself mind-boggling. Can you imagine giving the Secretary of the Treasury the authority to shut down any business he chooses and the Congress having the authority to dictate to businesses what salaries and bonuses the businesses will or can give to their employees?


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