Monday, March 30, 2009

Obama off to sell Socialism at the G-20

Here is Larwyn's list. Perfect reading and all in one spot. The posts - both posts and news articles - are worth your time and put in perspective the attack that is being waged against the free market system of capitalism which is NOT a political ideology like socialism or Islamism as two examples. ~~~~~ A MUST-READ: G20: If capitalism is 'overthrown', we'll lose our political freedom International regulation to manage the economic crisis could have dangerous results, says Janet Daley. Janet Daley Last Updated: 5:38PM BST 29 Mar 2009 By Janet Daley: "G20 protestors are wrong to demand the 'overthrow' of capitalism Photo: AP Some of the demonstrators in this week's G20 protest jamboree are demanding the "overthrow" of capitalism. Well, there are lots of things than can be done to "capitalism" – it can be undermined, suppressed, sabotaged, even outlawed – but it cannot be "overthrown" because in itself, it has no power. It is the very opposite, in fact, of a tyranny. It is simply the conglomeration of all the transactions made between individual and corporate players in an open market. Some people may gain power through those transactions but that power is transient and contingent on their own financial success: they are not installed in immutable positions from which they can be forcibly removed in a coup d'etat." ~~~~~ From Gigmund, Carl, and Alfred: Europe Prepares For Obama. My perspective, their new baby nephew to the socialist elite party who has just gotten his huge box of legos and is making a merry mess all over the floor. ~~~~~ Once a community "organizer" always a community organizer - whoops! Barack Obama, Global Community Organizer. I wonder if they'll all have International Socialists of the World Unite buttons? Written by: Tunku Varadarajan , 03.30.09, 12:00 AM EDT An election-time punch line as self-fulfilling prophecy. (Good one!) ~~~~~ Some daffy British are being de-baptized. Yep, they don't believe in God anylonger and so they are paying to be formally de-baptized. Hint: that won't get them from paying the infidel tax when the Islamists take over unless they join Islam. Sticky wicket that... Here is the post: "When a bishop has to leave the Church of England to stand up for Christians, what hope is left for Britain?" By Melanie Phillips, writing in the Daily Mail. Melanie, there is no hope for England on her suicide course of giving outrageous welfare to 4 Muslim wives plus the kiddies and daft Prince Charles who likes to play Sultan dress-up. I'm just glad I visited England a while back before some cities became off-limits to non-Muslims. That is outrageous. At least you have one man with sense in England, the MEP to the EU, Daniel Hannah (sp). ~~~~~ In America, we had the movie, Enemy of the State. Now we have Glenn Beck: New enemy of the state. Beck is just a man doing his job and having fun doing it. On thing that distinguishes conservatives from liberal leftists is that conservatives laugh - even at themselves even on the most serious matters. This drives leftist liberals MAD; into screaming rages and brings the conservative house down in laughter. They are so easy to spin up... Beck does his job well... But in America today all you have to do to be an "enemy of the state" is to be a conservative and speak your mind when you see things going south to SOCIALISM OR WORSE. ~~~~~ Republicans need respect. Here's a brilliant way to get that respect: Rodney Dangerfield Republicans by By Jan LaRue With apologies to Jan LaRue, here's just the first few lines as a teaser. This is brilliant! "I can't get no respect" was the signature line of the late comedian Rodney Dangerfield. Republicans in Congress are getting dissed the day long by President Barack Obama and those mean, old Democrats. But there's hope if they change -- the Republicans, that is. The first thing the GOP needs to do is declare itself a "terrorist organization." Opening a satellite office in Islamabad or San Francisco could help.... ~~~~~ And there is this: BREITBART: Rules for conservative radicals Andrew Breitbart ANALYSIS/OPINION: ~~~~~ Blame America First Citizen of the World SmackDown ~~~~~ Where Obama leads, the rest of the world is struggling Tom Baldwin in Washington Having proclaimed the dawn of a “new era of American leadership”, President Obama is embarking on a three-summit, five-nation, eight-day tour that may demonstrate that much of the world is unwilling — or unable — to follow. ~~~~~ Democrats are not corrupt. They are just "above the law." AIG Chielfs pressed to donate to Dodd GETTY IMAGES POLITICAL TIES:  Jennifer Haberkorn (Contact ) EXCLUSIVE: "As Democrats prepared to take control of Congress after the 2006 elections, a top boss at the insurance giant American International Group Inc. told colleagues that Sen. Christopher J. Dodd was seeking re-election donations and he implored company executives and their spouses to give. ..." ~~~~~ What Obama Really Inherited: The Jobs Lost Since Nancy Pelosi’s Democrat Majority Just can't blame President G.W. Bush for everything...


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