Friday, March 27, 2009

Glenn Beck's Success on Fox News

Hubris seems to be a natural trait for us when we are successful but I do not use the term when describing Glenn Beck. The other week or so, I was watching a bit of the Bill O'Reilly show, the O'Reilly Factor. Bill was besmirching those of us who might watch TV at 5:00 PM following Cavuto's show. Bill said - taking pride in his observation - that he was sure Glenn Beck's success was due in large measure to him having Glenn on the O'Reilly Factor at 8:00PM. Well, not exactly. Glenn Beck's success on Fox is due to Glenn Beck and the fact that many of us like him and like his direct manner. So, Glenn, you've got our attention on your own. If you want to help Bill's ratings by visiting his show from time to time, that's what friends do. Fox got rid of John Gibson at 5:00PM for some reason. His show was great until they started forcing Gibson to have the "frilly fluffies" on his show as co-hosts. My major concern for Glenn Beck on Fox will be when his ratings exceed Mr. O'Reilly's ratings. For the time slot, Glenn's ratings probably are beating O'Reilly's ratings now. I cannot speak for others but the only reason I watch Bill's show is because of some of the guests he has: Dennis Miller, Laura Ingraham (sp), and Michelle Malkin and others. And the interview with Obama - yawn - just showing that Obama is a politician. Bill didn't get the horrors that would be unleashed upon us and the administration has only just begun. We haven't even survived 100 days yet. God help us... Mr. Obama, as noted here before, is Jimmy Carter redux. Down on America; down on Americans. Why? To get us worried and in that wonderful word, deep in malaise... Obama and Geithner demand the power to seize private businesses, not just financial instuitions; they want to increase the debt into numbers no one can count and certainly can't dig out from under. Yes, Obama has chains we will fit into... And then the 'volunteer' corps to suit up your children in uniforms and fill their heads with dogma, and Muslim terrorists to be freed on American streets. China won't take these men back. Good grief! And Obama tells us that people who want to kill us, Al Queda folks are planning attacks to be carried out on American soil. Big surprise here, eh? And why not. We're releasing Gitmo folks into our general population to make the attacks easier. Do NOT scream for help from our government when the next attack happens - because the chains will be for you, not the terrorists. God help us. I pray we have some folks in our nation's clandestine services who will work to protect us.


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