Thursday, March 26, 2009

Obama: won't renew drug interdiction program working in El Salvador!

According to Kenneth Timmerman writing for the Center for Security Policy in Waller: Obama curtails successful drug interdiction program in El Salvador, it seems the El Salvadoran government wants to extend a drug interdiction program with US. Why? It's working! We can't have that... H/T and thank you to the Center for Security Policy. Obama says, "Hey, if it works, let's break it" as he curtails the program and our State Department under Secretary Hillary Clinton says no to extending the drug interdiction program. Change we can believe in? Nope... Aren't we having enough trouble trying to help Central and South American countries fight rebellion forces often fueled by drugs, drug wars, and drug cartels? It is estimated that we have 30,000 members of MS-13 (ruthless drug gang) in the United States now, very active in Northern Virginia. You didn't hear of the near-beheading murders in Northern Virginia? And we have a drug interdiction effort combining US P-3 maritime search aircraft and El Salvadoran forces to fight the FLMN. Well, we had a program that was WORKING!!! ~~~~~ From J. Michael Waller posted at the Center for Security Policy:
"The State Department has turned down an offer by the government of El Salvador to renew a joint drug interdiction program that allows the U.S. Navy to base P-3 maritime search aircraft at Comalpa International airport in El Salvador. The 10-year agreement, which went into force after the Salvadoran legislature approved it in 2000, is set to expire next year. The Office of National Drug Control Policy recently estimated that more than half of the drugs destined for the United States pass through the Pacific corridor patrolled by the P-3 aircraft based in El Salvador. "El Salvador has been our staunchest anti-drug ally in the region, outside of Columbia," said J. Michael Waller, a Latin America expert with the Center for Security Policy. "This program was very well established. The Salvadoran government wanted to extend it for 10 years, and the State Department said no. What kind of insanity is that?"
~~~~~ He's right. "What kind of insanity is that?" It's Obama-mania insanity, that's what kind of insanity it is. But that's what we seem to be getting from the "new kids" tromping through the White House - insanity! And chaos. Yep, Hillary and Barry sure do want to reduce the amount of drugs getting into the US. Yep, uh-huh! Remember, it is estimated that MORE than HALF of the drugs destined for the United States streets and our children - see the movie Traffic again if you can stand it - come through that corridor where the drug interdiction program IS SUCCESSFUL. Just remember, for the far-left Socialist Democrats in the US Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branches of our government, "chaos, confusion, and insanity" is GOOD! The more we scream for help; the easier to slip on the chains of control...and slavery around our waving wrists. Are Obama's policies safe? Do his policies make us safer or just more controlled? Or are they designed to increase the chaos?

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