Friday, March 06, 2009

MKFreeberg: The House of Eratosthenes, the blog that nobody reads

Over at House of Eratosthenes, "the blog nobody reads", you'll find The shortest commentary on the state of the union address you'll ever see anywhere. Yes, it is allllllll about the children; the ones Obama is slapping the chains on with every word he speaks. In America we have a tradition we sort of like. That is to leave the next generation better off than we were. Well, with Obama, "No can do!" Why? Our savings are being stolen and given to the the folks and others who don't have the sense God gave an idiot. Except they are smart enough to vote to steal the money you earned from you - and to steal it legally. Shame on our Congress, our Senate, our Supreme Leader. With all due respect to the folks who suffered during Katrina - all over Louisana and Mississippi. How many people were inconvenienced as they strudged out of their apartments through the water because the TV went off and the beer got hot? How many didn't understand when the TV news announcers screamed, "Get the Hell out of here any way you can?" Sometimes disasters happen and Americans chip in, roll up their sleeves and help but some folks "Get out" so that they won't need help and won't be in the way of EMTs trying to save the folks who could not get out. Don't know where that tirade came from except that Katrina is a commentary, not on FEMA or rescue efforts of brave folks. It is a commentary on local city government waste of funds and resources - School bus Nagin - re-elected. No surprise there. And many citizens who could have gotten out who didn't. We are now on a ship that the Captian has pulled the plug on and He is hoping we sink FAST, why? So that we will beg Him to save us. Americans save themselves, thank you very much. Too bad Israel doesn't have enough room for those of us who will fight for freedom cause we can't fight our own government in the courts. They have all of our money at their disposal. And of course, I'm not advocating "armed" conflict because we know honest Americans would not win that one either. I am recommending paying your bills, paying off your debt, and cutting back on the hours you work. Why should you support this SOCIALIST government? If you are handicapped, petition to get out of paying real estate taxes on your home. Look for every way you can to lessen the bite taxes take out of your income. Play by the rules, don't break the law - someone has to follow the laws, but use whatever legal means you have to cut back on the money you have to give to Obama's SOCIALIST/FASCIST state. It is my understanding that He is working to cut out all deductions including your home mortgage. I'm not sure that is true but I have heard talk of such a change. He wants to bring this nation to its knees with a smile on his face and a pat on your back. Click over to MK Freeberg's blog. You'll enjoy it...

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