Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Obama hacks attack Rush Limbaugh

Certainly, at the behest of the President of the United States, hacks of President Obama - namely Rahn Emmanuel, Begala, and Carville - attack Rush Limbaugh for using his freedom of speech right and expressing his own opinions. Shame on Barry... Now, for those on the far-left - the liberal Socialists of the Democrat Party - these attacks may be fun and "sock it to him" moments. But for the rest of us, these attacks against a private citizen and his livelihood should give us pause. In pre-adolescent behavior, the Chief of Staff for President Obama and two has-been media hacks are attacking a private citizen. Immature, yes; portending the future for those of us who happen to disagree with the messiah (lower case M). Will we, like Joe the Plumber, be ridiculed and harassed by lackeys doing the bidding of the President of the United States? Personally, I believe that Obama has to spend as much as he can as quickly as he can because his "political cache" is running out. 900,000,000 of OUR tax dollars to Hamas????? Talk about pork... As an aside, today on local radio, I learned that an owner of several local radio stations asked Air America with Al Franken to come on the "talk" station. The response was, NO, we won't be on any station that airs Rush Limbaugh. Hmmm.... Guess the Air America folks knew their ratings would tank. Secret letters to Russia (a chief supporter of Iran) and attack hacks jumping all over a private citizen. Read about Stalin - it'll be an eye-opener or read Saul Alinsky's little book on how to destroy America. And for the union folks who used to like their "secret" ballots - wave bye-bye to freedom and hello to intimidation courtesy of that bastion of Hope! Maybe it was the cocaine Barry mentioned using when he should have been taking a few classes on economics and the freedoms that have made America strong.


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