Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Obama soft on Islamic Terrorists!

I found it interesting in President Obama's address to congress that he did not refer to Islamic terrorists or to Islamic fundamental extremists or radicals or any such who have declared themselves and Islam enemies of us, the Great Satan. Obama referred to the murderers of the 3,000 and more who paid the price on 9/11 as "extremists" which fits right in with Rosie O'Donnell's (sp) criticism of Christians. Perhaps one man's Islamic terrorist is another man's or woman's hero. Leslie White has a great blog to which I have just linked a recent post: Obama putting up weak-to-non-existing front against our Islamic enemies You can also find Islamic Danger to Americans at this great site. As an aside, Netanyahu and his fellow Israelis need not look to the current US socialist administration for any help should Israel be attacked. Just one woman's opinion. How can Israel look to Obama for help when American's are being raped daily of their savings and retirement accounts and when the best way (hint-hint) to cut back on health care costs is to pull the plug on Seniors or deny them treatment. Yes, every court needs its jester and every "Jack" needs its "ass." We've got plenty of them braying in Congress...


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