Friday, March 06, 2009

Obama's jobless rate: 8.1%

Well, with our Comrade Leader, the DOW goes down and the jobless rates increase but is that really so. In the private sector yes; He is set to destroy small business because that is the capitalism engine that drives the American economy of the past. A friend - private contractor - just told me that small businesses are having to fire people BUT the government is hiring former contractors in droves. Why? Obama has promised to increase the government payroll/size by 50%, actually 100%. This means more government workers, a union shop so to speak, who will vote to keep their jobs. And some think Obama is just another pretty face. He is; he is the face of tyranny with a smile and a pat on the back. Did Bush 2 pave the way, you betcha. Let's see: 8.1 % means we don't have to go far to reach 10% or higher. As my friend said, "It's time to clean your guns and stock supplies." Hmmm...


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