Saturday, February 28, 2009

Obama to end Charitable Giving Deduction?

Obama is off to a good start at destroying American economy and slapping chains on the kiddies. I was wrong. Obama is not set to destroy the middle class. He is set to remake the United States of America into the United Soviet North American Union or the totalitarian tyranny of Iran. Obama is attacking the very principles of free enterprise, see Obama's attack on business and all of us who make the US work. Obama doesn't want us to "make US work"; he wants to make us dependent upon government - BIG, really BIG government...and by "dependent", I mean enslaved. Remember Obama is NOT, I repeat NOT, an African American whose forebearers came up through slavery; who travelled the "underground" railroad. He has NONE of that heritage; not one solitary speck of that proud heritage. He is the son of a mom who was a pure Marxist down to her toes; the son of a man from Kenya who came to the United States and got a good education here; the stepson of a Muslim man who ensured the Obama was raised as a Muslim from ages 6 - 10 when he lived in Indonesia. Obama has used his skin color - being 1/2 white and 1/2 black - as a ploy or tool to say, "Hey, I'm black like you." Not a chance. Keep in mind above all else, Obama put himself into the one-party politics of Illinois and plans to use tax dollars in the form of this "Stimulus bill" to institute one-party politics across the US. But I digress. I heard yesterday on what remains of Radio Free America that Csar Obama plans to end the tax deduction we have had on "charitable" giving. Question: Does that include our tithes and offerings that we give to our churches? If so, that is one way to destroy our churches - another major step of the Bolshevik Revolution. Oh, Russia still has churches but heavily "state" controlled. Now, aside from a possible major attack on our churches only means of "income", that would also mean we would have few funds to repair our churches to avoid deterioration of the buildings, et al. Very Islamic Republicish of Obama... A Christian church can exist in Turkey or Saudi Arabia or any other Islamic Republic BUT - and here is the similarity - the members of the given church are banned by Islamic/Sharia Law from repairing the church. Yes, BANNED from repairing the church. So, the Christian church members can worship in their church but if a storm creates a hole in the roof causing the roof to leak in, let's say, the sanctuary, the church members CANNOT repair the leak. The church, over time, falls into disrepair and may or may not continue to function. That is for existing churches. No new Christian churchs can be built in Islamic Republics. Arguably there is "freedom" of religion in Islamic Republics but one has to pay a tax for attending a Christian church and no churches can be repaired; no new ones can be built. Is Obama attacking our churches and synagogues? Does the elimination of deductions for "tithes and offerings" along with the elimination for other "charitable giving" mean an all-out attack by our government AGAINST our churches? Now that's a creative way to "get rid" of our churches and weaken our individual strength and access to the worship and fellowship that our churches provide. Does anyone know? Does the Obama scheme to turn us into a socialist or fascist glob and make everyone more dependent upon the federal government by removing the "charitable giving deduction" include our tithes and offerings? Why is it, again, that huge mosque is being built in London? To be the center of political government in England as it turns to Islam and submission to the mullahs. Because Islam is a political ideology/party, I would suspect donations to mosques would not fall under the broad category of "charitable" giving. I am certain there would be a loop-hole to allow for the deduction of contributions to mosques as "business" expenses or some such or deductions advancing "diversity". Why is a huge mosque being built outside of San Diego, CA? Perhaps those of us who can read English should read up on Black Liberation Theology and also on the guidelines of Saul Alinsky. Under Obama's proposed "plan", does "charitable giving" include tithes and offerings to churches? Anyone know?

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Blogger Jessica said...

I am so glad I found this blog. I agree with you 100%. Although I do not know if this includes tithes and offerings. I would pray that it does not but I'm afraid somehow it will. How is our nation being deprived of what we were built on??

10:37 AM  

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