Monday, March 02, 2009

Obama and Stock Market: 3-2-2009

Yep, Obama talks and your stock market and your 401K plop into the mid-6,000 range. Yip, yip, hooray! All you Obama-voters, how're ya doing with your 401Ks cut in half or more? The Islamic terrorists killed 3,000 Americans, brought down the Twin Towers, hit the Pentagon, and Beamer (Ooh Rah!) and his fellow passengers on Flight 93 drove that plane into the ground. And yet, we recovered from the terrorist attack after the market took a nosedive. But the recent domestic terrorist attack on our nation is coming from... Dare anyone say it? The messiah... The messiah of hope and change you can believe in. We'll be damn lucky to have change left in our pockets when the messiah is finished with us. He'll have us crawling on our hands and knees begging him for handouts. If you are a non-Hispanic white, you don't have a prayer of assistance 'cause you're the ones who are gonna pay and pay big. Pay for being born and pay for being even marginally successful - as in paying your bills. But then you did vote for the messiah, right? Can we survive until 2010 to get a Conservative Congress and Senate elected to reverse these attacks upon our very way of life? We are Americans and we can but not with both hands tied behind our backs and with an economically ignorant populace - thanks there NEA. If you're in the stock market with your 401K, as most of us are, then we'll just have to tough it out. Is the slavery of socialism really what we and our adult children see and want as the future of the once shining star of free enterprise and a free people? Read about the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 and what it did to our nation. Start there is you are at a loss about how all of this started. Congress, Congress, Barney (I didn't know my boyfriend was running a homosexual dating service out of my basement) Franks and Chris (I loved to chase waitresses with Teddy Kennedy) Dodd. Read enough and it will make you sick. Only bright spot is that Judd Gregg (Senator) turned Obama down for that Cabinet post. Thank God! I was wrong; the presidency is an affirmative action post after all. We've seen that happen more than once. It has nothing to do with the dominant color of one's skin. Not a thing. This election seems to have been centered on the color of a man's skin than on his ideology but guess what - we got the ideology too! Socialism for me and you all throughout the Mr. Rogers' neighborhood...

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