Saturday, February 28, 2009

Obama: punish the rich, punish us all

I like to review the bloggers who have visited my blog or the folks who have clicked over to Conservative Beach Girl from someone else's blog. This is fun and I meet new bloggers all of the time. Well, here's one for all of us. The blog is House of Eratosthenes and the particular post that caught my eye today was Other Art Forms. For me, the post falls nicely in the category of "You can fool all of the people all of the time" and they may or may not be drinking the koolaide. The technique depends on a smooth verbal address with nice - couched meaning phrases - that just flow like silk off of the speaker's tongue and slip into our ears. The phrases seem to mean one thing but, upon reflection, you soon find that the phrases mean just the opposite. In the excellent post, Other Art Forms, our blogger provides a helpful list of what we, as mesmerized "lab rats" tossed into the malstrom of socialism leading to intolerant group-think totalitarianism, will absorb as mana from God Obama and never know we have voted for our own demise. Here's the title of the list: "How To Make Large Numbers Of Someone Reasonable People Do Dumb Things, Without Taking Any Responsibility For Telling Them To Do Any Of It." Hats off to the blogger at House of Eratosthenes. It is a blog well worth taking a look at... Sadly, many of us seem to want to be "fooled" all of the time and for those who don't, Obama is saying what he means, just saying it "softly". I wonder when the American people will begin to walk out of the haze and platitudes that are blinding us. You see, when the government "punishes" the rich, there is no need to aspire to reach higher levels of accomplishment, no need for the American Dream, and punishing the rich, punishes all of us from the folks who produce products the rich buy to the folks who maintain the rich folks yachts, cater their parties, make their furniture, and on it goes to the folks who the rich hire or the companies the rich create that employ hundreds of Americans. Want to see unemployment rise - yes, says the government - then punish the rich... Punish the rich and the government punishes us all while Obama rises from president to csar...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

History Channel has a quote that flashes across the screen from time to time. I forget who they are quoting but it says "people who are living through history never recognize it as history." That's certainly true now. I know individuals who steadfastly believe that nothing of significance has occurred in this country in the last year other than the fact that they lost some money. They believe this because they want to believe it.

10:13 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Hi Herm: they'll find out soon...

4:17 PM  

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