Saturday, February 28, 2009

Netanyahu is back in Israel!

BeBe Netanyahu is back or nearly back a the Prime Minister of Israel. Whoo hoo! But, nothing unusual here, the head of the opposition, Livni shuns Netanyahu coalition offer, does not want to join forces with Netanyahu. Don't the far-left bleeding heart liberals in Israel understand that Hamas and other Islamic terrorist groups want to wipe Israel off the map? And these groups don't care if the Israeli is liberal, conservative, man, woman, or child. Just being Jewish is enough to qualify for extermination at the hands of Hezbollah, Hamas, or any other Islamic group/state in the Middle East. One should not be confused and call those folks Islamic "extremists". That is not "extremism" to them; eradicating / removing Israelis and all Jewish folks is the fundamental goal. The US is giving $900,000,000 ($900 million) to help the terrorist-sponsoring Palistinean (sp) folks as they try to establish a "country" including the West Bank and Gaza. Obama promises to be vigorous in establishing the hotbed of Muslim tolerance "nation" toward the non-Muslim Israelis. That is very Islamic of him using our tax payer dollars to support the quasi-religion/political ideology of cradle-to-grave control in establishing yet one more "Islamic Republic" in the Middle East. This answers one of my earlier questions; we do seem to be supporting Islamic terrorists - outright with tax dollars. My money is on Netanyahu! If you could buy stock in Iran's centrifuges, could be a nice time to buy "short". At last a MAN to stand for Israel, a MAN who has not been castrated by the hideous and insidious evils of "political correctness." A MAN who could actually strike a blow against the hoard over-running Europe while he is protecting Israelis as well. Israel may survive under Netanyahu. But the United States of America surviving under the present "new" administration- Obama, Pelosi, and Reid converging as the leaders of the "perfect storm" - not so sure mainly because it is happening so fast we can't get our arms around it. God bless Netanyahu... God bless the Israelis who support BeBe. Not only are Obama, Pelosi, and Reid smugly dropping Americans over the cliff into universal poverty, they are also using our tax dollars to support Islamic terrorists. Hey, tax dollars to Hamas = tax dollars to Islamic terrorists. Excuse me, the PC term now is "extremists" all by itself. Neither our president or our Homeland Security csar will mention Islamic and terrorist or extremist in the same phrase.

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