Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Stock Market has Obama fatigue

President Obama, pah-lease, enough with the speeches already. The stock market has Obama fatigue. I have Obama fatigue. Honest to goodness, I watched the market this afternoon as the president spoke and it dropped like smoke or a mist over a lake. When Obama talks, the stock market drops! Obama, please STOP TALKING at least on international TV. The market has dropped 1,000 points since Obama took office. And we still have an Islamist terrorist attack to look forward to within the next 6 months or so we have been warned. Who would waste time attacking us when our own Congress and the new administration are pounding in the nails as fast as they can? Well, no worries, the stock market won't be worth much by then at the rate the Dems are spending. A trillion dollars or more in the first month all designed to buy votes for the Democrats in 2010 and 2012. Good grief! By the way, can anyone tell me - are we really sending tax payer dollars to Hamas and Hezbollah? Say it isn't so... How much are lobotomies going for these days? Are they part of the health care program? The last step before euthanasia? Great... That is one way to cut back on health care costs. Abortions for the pre-born and euthanasia for the older folks - sounds like a good universal health care program the Dems can believe in... Have a good evening everyone. I'm going to watch a few reruns of NCIS.


Blogger Roadside Finds said...

We can't be distracted by Obama's Clintonesque manufactured distractions to get people to not focus on his spending and taxes. His announcement about leaving Iraq, the story about possibly shooting down the Korean missile are right out of the Clinton playbook, i.e., bombing a pharmaceutical plant to take the focus away from the Lewiniski scandal.

1:05 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

What is the stock market now? 6,000 - a 2,000 drop since Jan. 20th? Boy howdy....

6:57 AM  

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