Saturday, March 07, 2009

Calderon asks Obama for help against drug cartels?

Watching a special on Fox News with Heraldo Rivera hosting about the drug wars across from El Paso, TX. Note to Calderon: Don't ask Obama for help. He is currently waging war against American citizens with their 401K and pensions in the stock market. Once he has ensured our financial destruction and dependence upon Him and the government, perhaps He will spare some time for you. I wouldn't rely on help from President Obama. He is busy sending letters to Russia to help Him with Iran. :) When Russia is one of Iran's as well as Syria's biggest suppliers. Look, our presidents won't stop the invasion from Mexico into the United States so don't look for any of our presidents to help Calderon - in the growing hold the drug lords have - other than to send additional American tax dollars we don't have - oh, that's right, we're still printing those green backs. No, we are allowing forces such as FARC in Columbia to grow and become dominate in Mexico and along our borders. Shame on us... Of course, our presidents miss use the Posse Commitatus Act - that keeps government from using American military against American citizens. It does not stop our government from using our American military to defend our nation from invaders - drug gangs (growing drugs in our national parks NOW or illegal aliens entering are in full swing. Good for Calderon! Don't look to Obama for help. Our DEA and others can help but I'd bet we (our highest leadership in DC) won't shut down the money and weapons heading south from the US. Our country needs the illegal drugs to keep our anti-drug forces busy. Look, 12,000 AMERICANS are killed in America every year by illegal drunk drivers from Mexico. Our government doesn't care about that so why would our government care about Mexico's battle against the drug cartels? A government that doesn't care about its own citizens health and safety certainly won't care what happens in Mexico. Hell, our actions - such as harassing Ramos and Compean - have encouraged and strengthened the drug cartels and the invasion of illegals.


Blogger MK said...

A few weeks ago, i did hear some mexican ass waffling on about how the guns in mexico are smuggled from America and how America needs to do more to stop the flow of guns across the border.

I couldn't believe it, what cheek! How about close your side of the border moron.

6:17 AM  

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