Saturday, October 04, 2008

HR 1424: grab your ankles and kiss your *** goodbye!

Well, just one tiny "update" that I read on the "ticker-tape" at Fox News this evening. Some Republicans someplace did manage to get funding for RICO-like organizations such as ACORN omitted from the bill and also somehow undercut the "filing lawsuits" ability of trail lawyers. They did one other "good" thing but I missed that. Hannity&Colmes have Ann Coulter on tonight and Alan Colmes is "showing his tail" shouting over both guests. Well, Alan will have some time to smirk as will the rest of the Socialist media but what they don't seem to know is that what is good for the goose is good for the gander. By that I mean, when/if the Socialist Democrats pass the "Fairness Doctrine" ridding us of "freedom of speech" as they are on the way to "ridding us of private property ownership" (aka, Supreme Court decision of Kelo vs New London, CT), the Socialist Democrat lapdogs in the "mean-stream media" may get bit by the very hand that once petted them. Animal Farm anyone? Or are the news media really frightened that the Democrats will turn on them if they (the press) don't tow the line? Hmmm.... Some of us do seem to be lemmings or wildebeasts with the cut-throat lions waiting to pick off the weakest, or is it the strongest among us? In a Reuters' article, Mr. Bush is quoted as saying: ""We have shown the world that the United States of America will stabilize our financial markets and maintain a leading role in the global economy," Bush said in a short statement delivered before cameras outside the White House. I beg to differ. What the United States of America - or more specifically the Senate, the House, and the Executive - has demonstrated is that Congressional elected representatives in collusion with presidents will create the groundwork for a "credit crisis" (See Community Reinvestment Act) and then when the "credit crisis" materializes, the government will nationalize a significant part of our economy. I don't think that bodes well for "competitive capitalism" in a "free market" society which we ceased to be when we allowed many industries to combine and become conglomerates not only in the financial market. Michael Savage reiterated this concept on his radio show tonight as well. As an aside, a friend has worked with literary agents in NY and the simple truth is that all of our communications industry is governed by about 5 - that's right FIVE - conglomerates. How's that for "freedom of speech", "freedom of the press", and the competition of varied ideas in the public forum? These conglomerates need to be broken up. They are monopolies that need to be broken. There is no "competition" any longer... With monopolies, our freedoms disappear. And now, our government is set on the edge of establishing a "financial" monopoly with government controlling our home-ownership and mortgages. And if you believe government can do anything without quotas or quantitative - not qualitative - measures of any sort, you probably support this legislation. God help us! A three page request morphs into a 110 page "bill" which, under Senate tinkering, morphs into what? A three to four hundred page model of tyranny? And all in two weeks of a Congressional feeding frenzy and we still can't drill in ANWAR or off-shore, not counting the Gulf Coast. Good gawd a'mighty!


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