Friday, October 03, 2008

Sarah Palin, a woman from Wasilla

Today, I noticed that I have a visitor from Wasilla, Alaska stop in to read what I had had to write about Sarah Palin. You've sent us, our nation, a woman with courage, straight talk, and spunk. Tell her to keep up the good fight. Our nation is worth it. And somehow, PLEASE encourage her to pass on to Senator McCain that we need McCain, the fighter pilot, not McCain the Senator, in this fight for the presidency. This is Sarah's first step out onto the national stage but it need not be her last. For her, this is only the beginning. Tell her many Americans relate to her words of common sense. We are with her. Note to John McCain - don't give up on a state, Michigan, unless you mention it to your Vice Presidential running mate first. Okay! She might have a few ideas. She's not just another pretty face, for goodness sake. She is a GOVERNOR...


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