Thursday, October 02, 2008

VP Debate - Note to Obama Campaign

President George W. Bush is not running for election. The McCain-Palin campaign has the right to move forward. The Obama-Biden campaign should stop looking backward. The constant mantra of "Bush, Bush, Bush" is like hearing some folks still harping on the Civil Rights era and how badly black Americans are discriminated against today. What? We have passed the Civil Rights bill - when? 1964. Either some folks are slow learners or they are just stuck in a time-warp. 1964 was 44 years ago. An entire generation has been born unrestricted by injustices of the past. Those who want to move on have done so; those stuck in the past are doomed to stay in that past. Bush is not on the ticket. Let's move forward and hear what these two campaigns bring to the table. The Democrats and their tired ideas of "what we're gonna give you." And the Republicans who are saying, "We're Americans and we can take charge of our own lives." Karl Rove has just outlined at a minimum 10 items in which Joe Biden just simply mis-stated facts on McCain's voting record.


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