Thursday, October 02, 2008

Sarah Palin: an American Woman to her core!

Listening to Biden on the "reinstitution of the Middle Class" and "ending tax breaks for corporations" are interesting concepts. I want corporations to have lower taxes from 35% to 11% as in Ireland. Why? Who do the Democrats think hire people? Who does research into diverse fuels? Exxon for one and where does the company get the money for research? From tax relief. If Exxon could hire more people and pay them more, then guess what? The people would be able to pay their mortgages, etc. Come on Liberal Democrats, take a basic Economics 101 class. I find it interesting that Democrats simply do not seem to understand that CORPORATIONS hire people, INSTITUTE research, and CREATE new ways of doing things. We in the middle class (unless we are small business owners) do not create jobs directly. We do CREATE jobs when we have more of our own money to spend so that companies need to produce more items as our demand and our ability to purchase items is made available when we have MORE of our own money in OUR POCKETS - not being confiscated by the federal government, the Congress, signed by the President. Let's see, Governor Palin is a mom, an executive, a governor, a former mayor, a small business owner who has had to make payroll. She has more experience in leadership than the entire Democrat ticket combined. You go, girl! Good for the American people, an unscripted woman in leadership. A lawyer, Biden has 35 years insulated within the ivory towers of the Capital. No executive experience and one who sees the position of the Vice President as President of the Senate as unimportant or of little significance. Well, as a member of the middle class, let me say, "I want the government OUT of my life; OUT of limiting my ability to improve my own life because of confiscatory taxes that enslave me monthly; forcing me to pay through my taxes for the health care of illegal aliens. I - along with you - will pay for this "bailout". And there will be real climate change - as in something freezing over - before we, the people, see a dime return due to this "bailout." I want the government OUT of my life. Stick to the 4 things enumerated in the Constitution and leave us alone. By the way, how's that "defending the nation from invasion" thing working for ya!" To me, what a great debate! Sarah just came out and did her job for us. Whoo hoo and a lady too! And Joe showed his deference as well he should have done. And Sarah proved to me, at least, that I'd put her up against the Mad Jads of the world. So, if she had to take over for President McCain - no worries, Mate!


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