Thursday, October 02, 2008

Bailout and the Vice Presidential "Debate" tonight

Does the "bailout frenzy" remind you of the scorpion and the frog? Any bets as to why the House Democrats will probably wait until after the VP "debate" to return to these all so "Days of Armageddonesque" times in the housing/financial market? It wouldn't be that someone has been using us and this government-inflicted (see Community Reinvestment Act) "crisis" to manipulate us for political gain. Nah, couldn't be! Our elected boys and girls are ever so focused on what is best for us and OUR country. Or could it be that the House Leader doesn't want Sarah Palin to go into the "debate" with the "crisis" somehow off the table? Nah, Nancy could never be that crass, right? She's the Leader who could stand up to any real threat. Or is Nance so jealous of her position as the ONLY woman in power in DC that she just can't share? After her little partisan rant Tuesday before the vote, one might think she wanted the "bill" to fail. Pelosi, petty; petty, Pelosi? No, it's petty Pelosi. Funny how this is happening during the month of Halloween...but wait! That's when our nation went through the Crash of '29...October 13, 1929... Do the "powers that be" have a sense of humor, or what? Well, at least the Senate got to add some ear-marked pork to the bill or given the title of HR 1424, was the 700B "bailout" money the "pork?" Between wanting to fire these guys or put them in "time out", ya gotta marvel at their arrogant adolescent egocentricity. Cross-posted at Eternity Road.


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