Friday, October 03, 2008

HR 1424 or HR 3997: Congress abort that "bailout" bill

If there were ever a case for abortion, HR 1424 (formerly HR 3997) screams out to be aborted. Talk about the "gang rape" of the House AND the American people by the Senate. (I'm not talking about whether we need a "free market" bill or not; I'm talking about outrage at the Senate as well as Paulson and the horse he rode in on.) The House started work on ONE issue and ONE issue only: an Economic Stabilization Bill. Why? To address the GREATEST economic crisis the world, no - the universe - has ever seen. Pelosi wails, "700B dollars!" Tsk, tsk, she beat her breasts and wailed at the outrage of the request brought about by the most HORRIBLE economic policies of the last 8 years. The House of Representatives is the body that must pass ALL spending bills, but never mind that little Constitutional provision. And now the Senate, usurping the authority of the House, "bitch-slaps" the peasants in the House of Representatives and takes another bill, HR 1424 and says, "We'll see that 700B and raise ya over 100B." The collectively "most deliberative body of morons in the universe" cannot even focus on ONE piece of legislation at a time and do that one job well. No, they show us how serious this "crisis of crises" is by dressing it up like Miss Piggy on holiday, lipstick and all. Shame on them. And shame on the Democrats in the House and Senate who scoffed at the calls for Freddie and Fannie to get Congressional oversight. (H/T to Liberally Conservative) I call on ALL Representatives in the House who have any knowledge of their appropriations responsibilities and any sense of the Senate's intervention into the "job" of the House and REJECT HR 1424. Find "free market" solutions - whether you are a Democrat or a Republican. For the sake of the people, come together in statesmanship just this once and draft a "free market" solutions bill to handle the Henny Penny mess dropped in your lap just before you want to go home for your campaigns. Talk about an October bribe... Well, are you men or children being taken to the woodshed by Daddy Bear and his Bully Brothers in the Senate? Can't either House of Congress focus on ONE issue and pass a clean bill addressing that ONE issue? No, given the chance, they have to muddy up the waters on EVERY bill. Well, come November 4th, maybe WE - the PEOPLE - should focus on getting rid of everyone in the House and Senate who votes to pass "this porky pig". Shame on all of the leaders of the Senate. At least we, the people, now know how seriously the Senate takes this "mother of all economic crises". Cross-posted at Eternity Road.

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