Wednesday, March 19, 2008

NEW - Social Sense and Stacking Swivel

Two new blogs written by Mustang: Social Sense and Stacking Swivel for all of our Marines out there and we men and women who love them - each and every one. I recommend both blogs but for our "political" news, check out Social Sense. Semper Fi! and a great big Ooh-rah! to ALL of our men and women in uniform fighting for our nation and fighting under OUR flag! We all know what we can do/should do to the "powder blue" helmets of the cowardly United Nations - the hate America firsters... those standing right behind our own anti-American MSM and Marxist liberals. By the way, who was that brave American who refused to wear the "powder blue" helmet of the supporters of Hezbollah? A Mr. New, Mew??? God bless him...and God bless all of you who are fighting under the flag of the United States of America, the Stars and Stripes, under whom men and now women have died to protect and defend FREEDOM across the world; the same men and women who are not allowed to defend our own borders from invasion... Stay safe; stay warm; stay dry...


Blogger jcrue said...

great blogs there! semper fi!

6:53 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Yes, they are great. Visit them often. Mustang will appreciate the company. He has great posts...

9:17 PM  

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