Thursday, March 20, 2008

Mikko Ellilä's Freedom of Speech vs Obama's Black Separatism

Mikko Ellilä is currently awaiting the verdict of his trial for "ethnnic agitation." Curiously, in Finland, a blogger, Mikko Ellilä, has been questioned by the police and has subsequently been subjected to a trial - why? Essentially for stating what everyone in Finland knows to be true. Finland is painfully being turned into an Islamic state with the flood of Muslims turning the Finnish culture on its ear. A nation, surely, must have the right to maintain its own unique culture and not be forced by the United Nations and its own weak-sisters in government to bow to the whims and annihilating culture of Islam with its dhimmitude and slavery of women, not to mention the ending of all other religions that may exist in Finland. Mikko has stood trial for "ethnic agitation", read - telling the truth about the destruction of Finland by the Islamic invasion. Yet in the United States of America, a man can attend a hate-mongering, racist, black separatist church for twenty years and hail as his mentor and spiritual adviser a ranting "black" racist - a racist shouting anti-white, anti-Semitic, and anti-American screeds such as "God da.n the US of KKK A" that are unthinkable in white Christian churches - even subjecting his children to such shouted racism, and that same man, Barack Obama, can be considered a serious candidate for the presidency of the United States. Talk about "hate speech." One man (a white man) on trial; one man (1/2white,1/2black) headed for the White House. Yet nothing Mikko wrote was vile lies and nothing Mikko wrote came close to the hate-mongering of Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr., supported with cheering and shouts of agreement from the black Americans in his "congregation." To add insult upon insult, Obama informs white America that these racist, hate-mongering statements are "preached" from pulpits of black churches across the nation every Sunday, nothing new there, he says. Yet these black pastors are not charged with "hate speech." No, that is reserved for anyone who challenges Islamic tenets of "hating and killing infidels." And in Finland, well, many are fighting for their native culture. We'll have to see how the judges find in the case of Mikko Ellilä. In America, a book was published called The Bell Curve - among other things it pointed out that Asians, generally, were smarter than Caucasians. No riots over that; we Caucasians have no problem with that at all - that only tells us to hire Asians from the Far East, not the Middle East. Mikko Ellilä has a new blog, here. Mikko is correct that I am interested in his case not only for him personally but also for my blogger friend, Lionheart, who has been subjected to similar harassment in England solely due to the Islamist influence (and the Islamic mob connections of a Pakistani family) that is working to overthow England even as I type these words. Mikko Ellilä said... Speaking of racism and hatemongering, I assume you are interested in my trial because you recently left a comment in my blog and also wrote about my case earlier in your blog. I was on trial for "hate speech" last Friday, but the verdict won't be announced until next Thursday because the judge and the jury decided they need time to ponder the arguments presented in the courtroom. (This is normal procedure in Finland in legal cases where the verdict is not as self-evident as in simple cases involving e.g. petty theft.) A friend of mine took notes during the court session. These are available on his blog: You might make a post on that thread and ask whether someone would go through the trouble of translating those notes from Finnish to English. ~~~~~ As far as hate-speech is concerned, perhaps the judges in Finland should listen to the rantings of Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. - whose CDs of hatred are sold at the Trinity Unity Church of Christ - to learn what "hate-speech" really is and recognize that no matter what Mikko wrote, it's pablum compared to the hatred of Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr., a so-called minister of the gospel of Christ - a "poor black boy" killed by the white Romans. Give me a break! I'll bet that would be news to the Jewish folks. Related posts: (search Mikko Ellila, H. Res. 288, on this blog to read more) Multicultural Madness in Finland Mikko Ellilä"s Ethnic Agitation - Keep your eye on the prize: Freedom of Speech Obama torpedoes race relations in America


Anonymous Jonas said...

Interesting entry. However, Finland is not becoming taken over by Islam as you suggest. For a start, we have very few immigrants (actually, we don't have enough - we need more, certainly in the future to fill the labour market). The number and proportion of Muslims in Finland is extremely small - maybe 25 000 out of 5,3 million people.

5:27 PM  

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