Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Luis Aguilar, Jr - Betrayed at the border

This is the subject that makes my blood boil, that makes me sorry I don't have the power to impeach every elected official starting at the TOP who has signed on to NAFTA and has opened our borders - then left our brave border patrol as well as citizens out-manned and out-gunned. Jerry Seper is on top of this in his article, Border agent killers still being sought. My heart-felt gratitude and prayers go out to Agent Aguilar's wife, children and family. If our elected leaders had not failed you and all Americans, Agent Aguilar would not have died. But thanks to our shameless "elected" leaders, MS-13 is strong and growing in the United States. We have had beheadings by these folks in Northern Virginia. We are having drug wars on our borders that spill into our cities putting us all at risk. American citizens come under attack and American citizens throughout the nation must become ever more wary when driving on the highways. Like Geraldo Rivera pointed out, Mexican men drink a lot and drive. It is just a cultural thing. I say, Bull-sh_t! Tell it to the parents who lost their daughters in Virginia Beach. Soon Mexican truckers will have open access to our highways across the nation and our lives will be in constant danger. God help us! No one else will or is. OUR government is aiding and abetting the destruction of our nation and of our safety. Our borders are open! We know terrorists have easy access. Homeland Security has spawned a "cottage industry" of security consulting firms. OUR government is allowing drug cartels to battle it out along our border and, in my opinion, setting the stage for Columbian-style loss of part of our nation to drug cartels. I am so beyond outraged at our troops being forced to protect Iraqis and being forced to leave us nearly undefended, I could scream. What is our military for if not to DEFEND our borders? Democratize the world, NOT! Michael Chertoff is quoted, "I am outraged by this tragic loss," he said. "The American public stands with the men and women of the Border Patrol, and I am deeply grateful for their heroic service." Yes, we Americans do stand with our Border Patrol - it is shameless that our "leaders" do not. May "those leaders" from the top down who have overseen the destruction of our jobs - those working away at the North American Union ID cards, the super highway, and all else that will divide this nation, literally disecting us like a medical examiner has done to Heath Ledger in an autopsy that will never allow us to be joined fully again, robbing people of their family homes, ranches, farms, even towns! Cutting swaths across our great nation and establishing Kansas City as the first (only check point) controlled by MEXICO! Damn them all! They are working mightily to turn us into a third world nation with the corruption Mexico is so famous for finding its way into our cities; the patron system of servitude - you know the litany. We have enough corruption and crime; it seems interesting that our "leaders" seem compelled to import more. I have no issue with men and women who follow our laws, get on the list, learn English, and enter our nation legally (not on H1-B visas - a different issue) with proof of work and a sponsor to ensure that they can support themselves. At one time, it meant something to be an American citizen. To me, it still does. To be honest, though, don't try to immigrate here if you are well-educated, fluent in English, and can support yourself. I grieve for the family of Agent Aguilar as I grieve for the families of Agents Ramos and Compean - all betrayed by the government. Perhaps the "government" has forgotten that these brave agents do not serve the "government". These brave men and women, just as our military men and women, serve to protect their fellow Americans; they serve to protect me and you, and those who can no longer protect themselves. The "government" cuts their checks but we pay the salaries and these brave men and women protect us - they do it for precious little and they do it with bravery and sacrifice. We can never repay them. And if they do a really good job, OUR government puts them in jail. Go figure? To these brave men and women who risk their lives to protect mine and yours, thank you. Words cannot express the debt and the gratitude and the high esteem in which you are held by Americans such as myself. Thank you and God bless you! YOU are the men and women who help keep America free and you, not the "elected" betrayers of our trust, are the ones to whom the honor belongs. Again, thank you. To our Border Patrol - who needs a name change to American Defense Force or National Defense Forces at the very least - we little guys with no power or clout need you... To the CHP in California also, thank you! For any supporting data, see Minutemen.

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Blogger coconut commando said...

Just wanted to send you a short message to let you know that I've started blogging again. I still enjoy reading your posts. Take care.

8:55 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

God bless you and the men who served with you. I know the kind of commander of men that you are and it is my honor to know you. So glad you returned safely and so grand that you captured the real stories of our men and women in Iraq.

Glad you are blogging again! We need all of our voices. For me, the keyboard is my only means of "fighting the good fight".

Thank you...

10:23 AM  
Blogger Dr.D said...

Beach Girl, in this one instance (and I really hate to say it; I hate to agree with Geraldo), Geraldo was right on the money:

"Mexican men drink a lot and drive. It is just a cultural thing."

This is one more extremely good reason why we don't want them in our society. Their culture and ours do not mix. American men, Anglo-Saxon men, do not drink a lot and drive, and our highway safety record is built on the idea that people on the highways will be sober.

Anglo-Saxon culture and Mestizo culture are as different as oil and water and they mix just about as well. We need to get those people out of our country (yes, I said OUR COUNTRY), and keep them out. They are an uncivilized group, largely ethnic American Indian but not as civilized as most American Indians, and they come into the US with a sense of entitlement that prevents any possibility of a peaceful integration. They have to go back to Latin American whence they came!

9:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Border Patrol Agents use their weapon, they'll be prosecuted & sent to prison. If they don't use their weapon, they'll be killed by illegals.

5:55 PM  

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