Friday, January 11, 2008

Fred Thompson - Keep 'em on the ropes!

Last night, Fred Thompson FINALLY spoke out and, thank God, didn't do it with this simpy voice used by so many RINO Republicans, liberals, and Socialist Democrats, especially. Harry Reid is a model for the "soft spoken" politician who you just know is getting ready to slide in the stelleto (sp). FINALLY - Fred Thompson spoke out when he remarked in so many words (paraphrasing here) that former Arkansas governor (do we need another president from Arkansas) Huckabee was a cliche of conservative heresies, including supporting taxpayer-funded programs for illegal immigrants {added by moi, the folks raping our social services we paid for}, a national ban against smoking (good grief - how many lawyers will be put out of work if tobacco companies can't sell cigarettes here?), opposition to vouchers or school choice for minorities and poor whites locked into failing schools, and liberal economic policies. (Taken from the Washington Post, page A9, "GOP Hopefuls Debate as First Southern Primary Draws Near"} The best quotation, "So much for states' rights," an animated Thompson said. "So much for individualism." Sadly, I worked in a company where we had what we called "appearance-based" working. That's what socialism is all about which is why it does not work, period. But rugged that's the ticket. Go, Fred, go! Get the lead out and start cracking. As America's DA on Law & Order, you are known across America as a straight shooter. Nobody can touch you...


Blogger Dr.D said...

Beach Girl, you said, "Sadly, I worked in a company where we had what we called "appearance-based" working." I'm not quite sure what that means. It sounds a lot like "appearing to work." Did you work for the federal government? I did not think any private companies could afford to indulge in this foolishness that is standard government practice.

10:48 PM  
Blogger theotherryan said...

Fred Thompson is an outstanding candidate but at this point I seriously doubt he can possibly pick up enough steam to make a serious run at the nomination.

11:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now that Fred is out, please consider taking a second look at Huckabee. His record is far better and more conservative than what you have outlined above.

7:52 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Dr. D, I only worked for the federal government when I taught in overseas schools. No, I worked for a major corporation - fortunately, we, the workers, chose to do our jobs better than most and we were under tight regulatory guidelines. It was the attitude of some of management (certainly not all and I erred to give that impression) that they only cared that workers "looked" busy. That was not my standard and fortunately not the standard of my colleagues for whom no amount of praise would be enough.

I only mentioned the experience to compare the attitudes and the impact of those "socialist" attitudes upon workers - one reason we need LESS government rather than more. The preponderance of "federal" employees is a negative to American ingenuity - my opinion alone - not speaking of our military or our border patrol, etc.

3:26 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Anon - McCain scares me to death and Huckabee - well, I'll take a look but we need a president who will enforce and honor our laws and defend this nation at our borders - period. I don't know what part of "illegal" our leaders don't understand.

3:28 PM  

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