Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hillary, Barry, and John: Mandated health insurance

Well, I did it. I actually watched the "debate" the other night between Hill and Barry with the "white guy" being allowed to speak only upon occasion and when he raised his hand. It's the back of the bus for Edwards and ain't all the left liberals glad. Serves the plantation owner right, by golly There is so much fun involved in the democrat side of this primary that it is worth watching. Barry all but uses the "L" word for liar when addressing Bill and the Missus. Well, Barry is right - better right than white. And the Clintons - God bless 'em - are tied up in knots 'cause they started this political correctness thang and it is coming 'round the corner to bite 'em in the ass. Boy howdy, what fun. But on this "universal" health care thing. Think of it as another way to 1) get everyone ID'd, DNA's and 2) as a way to subsidize insurance companies. Here's the deal. You get health care BUT you are mandated by government to purchase that health care. Think of it as the big government insurance company pay-off. I wonder how many insurance companies are funding these folks... Read that again: you will be MANDATED (ordered) by government to buy the health care. Now everyone knows that many young folks just don't see the need to have health care. Except for catastrophic coverage, why should they? In Massachusetts, as I understand it, right now there is MANDATED purchase of health care otherwise, you are fined. Folks are paying the fines because the mandated coverage is too expensive and they don't want it. Beware the Democrat (far-left) bearing gifts such as "universal" health care. Everything about you will end up in a government database (I know that is happening now as I type) but their "gifts" come with costs: loss of independence, loss of freedom, loss of the right to say NO, in otherwords, loss of being an American, only the right to be a slave, shackled by the insidious chains of government just there to "hep" you...


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