Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Curious Election of 2008

The election this year is curious to me because - at this point - I see candidates that are second or third tier in both parties. Please tell me how in the world Hill or Obama are really the "best" the Democrats have to offer our nation. And of the Republicans at the top - so far - where are the conservatives? Where are the strong voices of the conservatives staving off socialism? Who voted for universal perscription drug coverage? Nearly everyone in Congress and still the Democrats "won". In New Hampshire, a liberal won the Republican delegates, an open-border, citizenship to illegals, large-government liberal. I can't toss support to Senator McCain because, except for the surge in Iraq, he has been on the liberal side of every domestic issue facing you and me as American citizens. Can I vote for Hill or Obama? Of course not... Can I vote for McCain? I'd rather not say but it is sad in a grand nation such as ours that our best and brightest simply do not take up the banner and run for the presidency. It speaks ill of us when we are given the choice of voting for the person we consider the "least" dangerous to the nation. With the House and Senate in the hands of the Democrats, I have to vote for the Republican candidate and pray for gridlock. So, some reading for the day: S.C., Michigan last stand for Republicans Michelle Malkin comes through with 'Comeback' contretemps [I simply cannot vote for Hill Clinton. Women of America, please understand - "Hillary is not your friend." She is not a "damsel in distress". She creates the distress. Before you vote for her, please consider her cold, calculating manipulation - calling us (the American people) sexists BEFORE the vote in N.H. Calling us backward if we don't vote for HER. She has subjugated herself and her daughter to the humiliation of a pandering, philandering husband from whom you wouldn't even buy a used car under normal circumstances.] Ladies, on abortion, don't worry. Any woman in America who wants to abort her child will still be able to do it, no matter who becomes the president. And Hill pleads for "our" children. Good grief! Larry Elder writes Obama surge creates problems for Jesse and Al. Well, yes. Can't use the "race baiting" or "race bribe card" if a black wins the nomination. Gosh and by-golly! When watching Hill, it's like watching her walk through a house of distorted mirrors. Now you see "mean" Hillary! Whoops! No, she's teary Hillary, the victim of those mean men. No, she's poised Hillary! But Steve chapman makes it clear in The Latest Version of Hillary Clinton. What we see is not what she is. There is no "she" there; well there is but most likely not a pretty sight. Like Bill Clinton, she is who she needs to be more than any other candidate this year. But unlike Bill, she may be more dangerous for our nation while not being nearly as charming as she leads us into Socialism, Communism without the gun to your head; socialism because we can be bought. After all, all of our taxes are going to folks who don't do anything except "collect a check." Why shouldn't we get some of our own money back? Right? Beware the hand of the damsel who feeds you... This is a curious election season to me. Very curious... Well, let's see what the next primaries and caukye bring.


Anonymous Tomre Utsu Zo said...

Personally, if the Republicans can't get someone up there who is at least get Thompson or Paul onto the ticket, I am going to vote Lib an hope the Republican party goes the way of the Whigs.

8:32 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

I'd be happier if the Dems called themselves the Socialists that they are and the money-spending Republicans trying to be liberal democrats would be smart enough to know that Lincoln was a Republican and the black folks love him and hate us; the Republicans passed the Civil Rights bill over the Democrats, and the blacks vote for Democrats.

Something amiss with our educational system, eh.

Let's see how it all plays out in the next month. One caller on a radio show today suggested that it might be good if Hill is president so the people can see how bad it will be. I think I recall Bill Clinton opining that he wished 9/11 had happened on "his" watch - could a' done the martial law thing. Something like that.

I'm a tad short on sympathy for politicians at the moment - We, the people, need leaders and statesmen. But they're all singing soprano after a decade or more of political correctness/censorship.

10:22 PM  
Blogger theotherryan said...

It is definintely a wide open election. NH really blew the doors off of any predictions by throwing McCain into the top tier and hillary the she beast and obama being 1-1.

11:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beach Girl

“the Republicans passed the Civil Rights bill over the Democrats, and the blacks vote for Democrats.”

Your statement that congressional Republicans passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 over the democrats makes me wonder where you got your information. Here’s my understanding of the total vote and the vote by party, together with my analysis. The numbers may not be absolutely accurate but they are very close.

Total Vote: 73 – 27
Republicans: 27 – 6
Democrats : 46 – 21

The 1964 Civil Rights Act was fought along the Mason-Dixon Line not along political party lines. The 46 democrats who voted for the bill were all from states outside the eleven original Confederate states. They needed several, but not all, of the republican votes to invoke cloture, and needed only 5 republican votes for final passage of the legislation. Twenty one of the 22 senators from the old Confederacy opposed the legislation with a ferocity that would have made John C. Calhoun of South Carolina proud. The fact that the southerners were democrats was no import. They knew they were elected by a segregationist-states rights population, and they voted on civil rights issues accordingly

10:14 PM  

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