Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Obama vs Clinton: what a squeaker!

Well, Hill got 39% of the vote and Barack got 37%. Let's stop calling Americans racists, okay! Barack storms Iowa and stomps Ms. Hill then comes within striking distance of Hill in New Hampshire. Really very close call there. 6,000 votes is close...but she did "win" New Hampshire. Team Clinton has already said they will come in second in South Carolina so let's see what "fly-over" country has to say about this presidential stuff. McCain, Mr. Amnesty himself, takes New Hampshire. No surprise really but good for him. And speaking of "amnesty", Huckabee has said what everyone else seems afraid to say as reported here saying he wants to defy "birthright" citizenship to children born to illegals. It's about time. Duh! So, pandering - yes, no! Or maybe he is trying to get votes of Americans... Pandering to Americans, that would be a nice change after we've been screaming our heads off about illegals. And President Bush, God bless 'im, goes zipping off to Israel thumbing his nose at, well... Hmm... The ayatollah in Iran must not be very happy with that - the president of the Great Satan right in his front yard and VP Cheney at home with his finger on the trigger, hopefully! What a fine day...


Blogger Rich said...

I love the fact that the president is so close to the enemy. They must be salivating to get at him. The president has an air about him as he travels through Israel. It's like he has his middle finger seprated from the rest of his fingers pointed toward Iran and Syria! Sometimes I love this man. I wish he was a border controlling tight wad though. It would have made for a great legacy. There is nothing compassionate about handcuffing Americans with government programs. Just a thought...

4:16 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Yes, Rich, and our president allows foreign nations to have influence in the Western Hemisphere - Monroe Doctrine anyone?

Sadly, his legacy is the North American Union, a sell-out if there ever was one modeled on the EU. No one seems to get the idea that Germany is still fighting WWII to take over Europe + England and is doing a fine job. It's all a power thing. Destroy the national sovereignty of your former enemies by building on their "fear" and hatred of the United States whose families gave willingly of their sons to rescue Europe more than once.

Oh, well, a little tired today...but no tears here! :)

10:21 AM  
Blogger theotherryan said...

"Birthright citizenship" is completely rediculous. Everyone who is born of atleast one parent WHO IS A CITIZEN should recieve citizenship or dual citizenship if aplicable. Everybody else can stay home and get in line.

11:10 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

They should be sent home with mommy and daddy to keep the extended family together and then have their crack at citizenship when they are 21.

3:16 PM  

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