Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Saudi Arabia pays off terrorists; ahem, welfare for extremists!

Into each life a little levity must shine daily and this is it today for us in America engaged in the counterjihad movement. You have to hand it to those Saudis. They know how to spend those petro dollars. And everyone has to submit in dhimmitude, yes? Let's be fair - extortion works nearly every time it's tried: it worked for mobsters; it has worked for certain "race baiters" who shall remain nameless; it'll work for terrorists. Extortion - money instead of law suits; money instead of bombs. In a great show of Saudi Welfare for Terrorists, the Saudis have established their own "welfare state" dependency program to curb extremist violence within their borders. The Middle East Media Research center gives us, Saudi Arabia Gives Extremists Financial Incentives to Renounce their views. And who says MONEY and power aren't at the heart of all these Islamic Caliphate, Islamic World Dominance initiatives? Who says extortion doesn't work? Hasn't bin Laden - you remember him - made mucho money in payoffs from the Saudis? When bowing in servitude, paying off extortionists, the question is "how low can you go"? How low do we dare to go? H/T to Middle East Media Research Institute


Anonymous Renn said...

As a reminder from European history: 'Once you pay the Danegeld, you never get rid of the Dane.'

In case the reference escapes you, please recall that during the time of the Viking raids along the coast of Nortern and Western Europe the Vikings (Danes) would take money to bypass your lands. Naturally, as this profit did not entail any of the risks of actual raiding, this encouraged the Danes to return and, in many cases, eventually take over.

7:04 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Thank you, Renn - so does that mean that when we pay-off anyone they just find that so easy they just want more? Hmmmm.... Very good point and is that what radical Islamists are all about?

10:01 PM  

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