Thursday, May 03, 2007

"Step back and let 'em bomb," CAIR says in effect when threatening airline passengers with lawsuits

Step back and let 'em bomb! That is the message being sent to airline passengers. See A Passenger's Right to Survive. That is also the message being sent to all of us - speak out against Islam and get sued. Speak out against barbaric practices such as female mutilation and get sued. Speak out against dhimmitude and get sued. Speak out about the history of Islam and get sued. In other words, "Shut your damn filthy mouth, you infidel dog. We'll teach you your place - under our boot!" To quote, "CAIR is not going to stop unless we stop them. You will need the bi-paratisan John Doe motion to protect your right to self-defense. A month ago it seemed like a sure thing, but now it's in serious danger." So is your health and safety not to mention your way of life. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD), perhaps a beard for the Islamists, threatens to bar the John Doe motion which protects passengers who report suspicious behavior. Republicans sent a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi saying, "We cannot afford to wait any longer to protect individuals who seek to do the right thing by speaking up to prevent a terrorist attack." Let me boil all of this down for you - independent of any bills protecting passengers from law suits if they report suspicious behavior. The goal is to institute and legislate "protected" status for Muslims and Islam and thereby shred our US Constitution wherein all men are created equal. In Islam, only Muslim men are considered "equal", all else is inferior. The point is this: if bloggers are shut down; if passengers are scared into submission; if radio talk-show hosts cannot speak the truth about the encroachment of radical Islam and the devastation Sharia Law will have on our nation and the world, then the Islamists and terrorists will have won by default. By default means we didn't even show up to "play" in the game. The article/post stresses that we need a "real Passenger Bill of Rights that includes our right to report suspicious behavior." Think about that for a moment - we need legislation to allow us to do what common sense dictates. We are on the slippery slope which our Founding Fathers wanted to avoid. We have reached the dangerous point where everything we can do is to be "legislated". That calls for a million bills of legislation and it takes all responsibility, industry, and accountability out of our hands. Does that even mesh with what it is to be an American? CAIR is engaging in a "lawsuit jihad" against America and all Americans. The intent - the institution of "superior" status for Muslims and the institution of Sharia Law. Will CAIR be successful? Maybe. How long will it take CAIR to beat us down into slavery, into servitude, and into surrender, into "submission", ie, into Islam? I want to know why some of these lawsuits are not thrown out of court on their face? Freedom of Speech will be ushered out as the Religious Police are ushered in with their whips to crack you across your back or the backs of your legs if you "offend" them in any way. They say that the offense is against "Allah". I just can't buy that because I think "Allah" - if indeed God - is much bigger-minded than to be offended by the words of little people like me. It is the truth that offends. The truth hurts, right? The louder the truth, the louder the screams of offense. On the issue of a Passenger's Bill of Rights - we need the bill obviously to protect passengers and their rights to self-defense - but for myself, I'll drive. Forever vigilant! Forever free!


Blogger The Gentle Cricket said...

I honestly do not understand what rationale leads to opposition to the John Doe motion. Perhaps Pelosi just thinks that the average American is too racist to be trusted to act responsibly to protect themselves and others. There are a bunch of graves in a Pennsylvania field that speak otherwise.

2:38 PM  
Blogger Steve Harkonnen said...

This is strongly related to what you're saying here.

If HR 288 passes, we'll all be in prison orange, except for those of us that choose to become terrorists against (GASP) our own government.

In other words, CAIR can jump off a bridge. I will continue to criticize their "peaceful" religion and will duly practice freely my first amendment rights.

3:16 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

I look so BAD in orange - maybe I can get blue or gray. Thanks for your comments, Steve and Cricket. And Cricket - thanks for stopping by. Steve, great to have you back. I'm in your neck of the woods right now. Not saying where of course.

8:10 PM  

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