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To Mikko Ellila - Freedom of Speech vs Free Speech and Hate Speech

My thoughts here are to start a dialogue regarding the concept of Freedom of Speech as enshrined within the Constitution of the United States (US Constitution) and the separation of speech into "free speech" and "hate speech". Some of the ideas are not original to me in that I heard a guest on a radio talk-show expounding upon the concept of "free speech" and "hate speech" as being inventions of the Left. I did not hear the gentleman's name but his words started me thinking about the way the Left works to twist words and concepts. Everyone must consider that with regard to Freedom of Speech, I speak as an American (citizen of The United States of America, as we have to distinguish today so as not be confused with South Americans, Latin Americans, Central Americans. So goes the way of globalism and the way of the Council of Foreign Relations - CFR - and the internationalists.) First, several philosophical concepts are inherent within our freedoms which the Liberal Left cannot abide. Our Founding Fathers - Diests, Christians, et al - said that Man is endowed by his Creator with certain inalienable rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. [inalienable = that may not be taken away or transferred, as in to the government to dole out] The Foundiing Fathers commenced to define several of these rights: Freedom of Speech; Freedom of the Press; Freedom of Religion; Freedom of Assembly - and essentially in the USA, your rights end where my nose begins. To address slander and libel, laws have been instituted to protect people from such attacks. The Left is busily twisting Freedom of Speech to be "free speech" and "hate speech" - under our Constitution, speech is not so defined. The Left and their cohorts in the press, in the Liberal Congress, in organizations seeking to silence debate and discussion, are seeking with bill such as HR 1592 to silence conservative debate; to silence and take away Freedom of Speech. How? By making speech defined by them "hate speech". The groundwork for the shredding of our Freedom of Speech began with Bill and Hillary Clinton and the "institutionalization" of the infamous Political Correctness. In recent decades, Political Correctness has been used to stifle debate about any number of issues. Freedom of Speech is in jeopardy primarily due to the Orwellian nature of the Liberal Left, the multicultural left. The point is that the Liberal Left - today's current Socialist - further define or attempt to delineate our "freedoms" for the purpose of government "creation" of our rights and government control. Crime now can be defined as a "hate" crime. Speech is well on the way to being classified as "free speech" that which the Liberal Left says you can say or write; and "hate speech" that which the Liberal Left forbids and punishes. I'm not that up on the Nazis and how Hitler gained total control but all of this sounds familiar. The basic point - like the centuries' old debate of a free-market society and a governmentally controlled society - is that the Liberal Left clings to the notion that in the Religion of Socialism, not unlike the political ideology of the Islamists, where the state/government is god, the right god who can make Socialism/Communism/Totalitarianism work has not been "created" yet by man. We must not engage in the debate of "free speech" vs "hate speech". There is Freedom of Speech or there is Censorship. If speech is slanderous or libel under our secular law, then remedies exist to correct the "injustices." The problem is that there are those among us who want to shut up debate - by calling you and me names, by intimidating us - you'll be considered one of "those" if you do xyz; who don't want statistical data known or published to the masses and who are dumbing down the masses quite skillfully. As simplistic or as profound as the tenet may be, it is my observation that the Liberal Left believes fervently on Faith that they can "create" the god of Socialism. They do not and cannot believe or comprehend the "spiritual" - inherent truths - aspects of our U.S. Constitution that God created mand and that man created this our democratic republic under the principles and intuitive, philosophical insights of our Founding Fathers. And from where did these principles and insights come - from God, our Creator. From whence do we receive our inalienable "rights" - from our Creator. The Liberal Left has been striving to CREATE man in their image - the lowly man - weak, needing to be cared for by the state/government - by them. The Liberal Left wants to create god; the conservative right simply believes in God and trusts in God and in the saying, "God helps them that help themselves." Work hard, you know the drill. Like the ideal that is America, the motivation that drives many conservatives is the belief in the inherent ideal of man striving for his greatest good. [No, naive is not my middle name - and some people are clearly subhuman as defined by their actions - and no, I have no desire to reform them or to learn why they "hate" me, you, or whomever. We have two alternatives: we can love them to death or we can kill those who are trying to kill us; we can defend our culture and way of life or we can do as our surrender-flag waving Democrats are doing to their eternal shame. I'm putting our money on US.] We must keep the attention on the issue of Freedom of Speech and not fall into the trap of "free speech" vs "hate speech" - this separation cries for Dhimmicats' legislation. They are working so that in true Orwellian fashion, Freedom of Speech has devolved into "free speech" (granted by the government) and "hate speech" (defined and punished by the government). As in the example of crime, hate crime is designed to add extra punishment. In the case of Channon Christian and her boyfriend, Christopher Newsom, geraldo rivera asked - once the mainstream media was forced to acknowledge the crime even occurred - if the crime would be considered a "hate" crime. He must be nuts. In any event, the Liberal Left has used the "invention" of hate crimes to regulate and define some murder as more "criminal" than other murder and therefore define some life as more important than other life. That is why "white-on-black" crime - so rare to be statistically insignificant - is more publicized than "black-on-white" crime or "black-on-black" crime. A black person killed by a white person is more valuable than a black person killed by a black person. I do not believe that but that is what the government is saying to all of us. While the Liberal Left froths and foams at the mouth that the pre-born of any ethnic group has no value because a woman has the "right" to kill her unborn child, once that child is born, the government of the United States of America confirms "special" status to all non-white babies at birth - status in funding for college, status through affirmative action, and on it goes. If you check the Arizona State Police records for their Sex Offender list, absconders, you will learn that there are a preponderance of "white" men committing sex crimes in Arizona. Most of the "white" men are Hispanic, black, or have Islamic names in the official record. I seem to have gone off course but not so. We have watched ourselves silenced by "political correctness" which is censorship; we even self-censor. We seem to have bought the notion of "hate crimes" making some "protected" status groups more equal than others. Now the Left is stressing the mantra of "free speech" vs "hate speech" - neither of which are in our US Constitution. When we see the left "defining" and "delineating", we know that our "freedom of speech" is seriously threatened but we also know that we are being heard and that our message is strong - that is why the Liberal Left seeks to silence us. We will not go quietly into that "dark night" of tyranny! We must not! As offensive as much of the speech coming out of the mouths of some of the Liberal Left is to me, as much as they shriek and call conservatives names, we must stand for their right to "freedom of speech" never to be confused with "free speech" or "hate speech". I assure you, as God is my witness, no speech they utter no matter how vile will ever be classified as "hate speech". But in their effort to subjugate and silence us from speaking the truth about a variety of issues, they are setting the stage for extremists to eventually silence them. That we cannot allow!


Blogger Ontario Emperor said...

To be fair, restrictions on freedom of speech are not exclusively sponsored by the left. In fact, one of the first major constitutional crises occurred as a result of the Alien and Sedition Acts, passed by the Federalists during the John Adams administration in an effort to silence the Democratic-Republicans.

In addition, one has to distinguish between public and private application of the First Amendment. If I want to organize a boycott of businesses that use one word or another, I am within my rights to do so. However, it would be a different thing entirely if Michael Richards were to be prosecuted by the government for saying "nigger," or Jesse Jackson were to be prosecuted by the government for saying "Hymietown."

1:13 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

I just received this comment: "nice words so motive
i want your help i and other people think in way that make we can celeibrate the independence day of press so can you join us to work on this idea"

I checked the link and nothing worked. Please send the correct url.

Independence Day is hard-won...

9:13 PM  

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