Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Don Imus - Has freedom of speech? Yes/No

Does Don Imus have freedom of speech or not? We may be about to find out if Don Imus sues his former employer and wins. His win would be good news for all "white" men in the United States of America. And the rappers could go on denegrating black women and women in general to their hearts content. Personally, I find the rappers who trash America's black women - trash themselves. That we buy their CDs is amazing. Also, with any luck at all, Imus could win and - in the best of all worlds - put MSNBC out of business! Now, that would be great - put the poor folks there out of their misery. A friend told me yesterday that one of the reasons all the "nappy headed ho" ruckus was to distract folks from focusing their attention on the fact that the women's team LOST a championship thereby taking heat off of the coach. I don't know the truth to that but it makes sense. See Don Imus and Virginia Tech for an excellent piece on Liberal hypocrisy. And Imus won't go quietly, a link I picked up from Drudge Report. Personally, I hope Imus sues, wins, and his lawyer's fees get picked up by the company or group Imus sues. Sue'em for all of us, Imus! We cannot have a double-standard of "freedom of speech" in this nation. We've got to stop Political Correctness somehow and bring back manners and courtesy to our nation.


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