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Mikko Ellila - Finnish police set to question blogger for speaking the truth

We are moving into a Dhimmitude world, where all things Islam good; all free speech discussion of all things totalitarian of Islamic "special, protected status" bad. Finland may be taking the easy way out, or at least the quickest way to servitude. The Brits have submitted by not teaching the Holocaust. Walmart has bowed to the ground by calling another checker to scan pork products. Good grief! If that isn't bringing the so-called Church of Islam right into the workplace, nothing is. Time for Christians, Jews, and all others to assert themselves - we either have the separation of church and state or we don't. If we don't, get your crucifixes out there along with your founts of Holy Water, et al. In Finland, the most recent concerns of stifling freedom of speech center around the blog of Mikko Ellila and the posts there that speak the truth of the totalitarian ideology of Islam. Just read the Qur'an for validation of Ellila's assertions. See Finnish Blogger needs your help. Ellila's blog is in Finnish but translations are becoming available. "The Finnish government is apparently trying to impose Chinese-style totalitarian censorship on the internet...The government is illegally abusing existing laws against hate speech." (Words from down under) In true Orwellian fashion, truth = hate speech; lies or omissions = truth; and coming soon to an area near you is the "Department of Truth and Respect". According to one responder at the Gates of Vienna, "This (concern of our Freedom of Speech being taken away) is pure hysteria." [please read all comments at here. According to Baron Bodissey in a post, Finland cracks down, the idea that interrogating Mr. Ellila will amount to nothing is on its face naive [nothing naive about the Baron]. Of course the interrogation amounts to something - Finnish governmental abuse, intimidation, and harrassment of its non-Muslim citizens. Finnish authorities need to be reminded that many of us in the Western World hold Finland in high regard for its individual citizens' rights and freedoms. So sad if Finland's authorities use their muscle and fall into the camp of Islamist appeasers on their own soil and silence the voices of those patriotic citizens such as Mikko Ellila. In Finland today, you can be imprisoned for speaking the truth about a "protected" group such as Islam. Freedom of Speech in Finland - RIP - Rest buried under the robes of the Religion of Peace. Finland's authorities should revisit and then abolish their repressive laws that threaten Freedom of Speech and stifle discussion on issues that are so vital to Finland's survival as a non-Islamic State - The Islamic Republic of Finland! Think about these voices of freedom that are needed to protect Finland from being gobbled up by the advancing Islamic Caliphate - far more threatening than even Hitler dreamed. Hitler wore a recognizable uniform. The Islamists lull you with their "clerical" robes and religious trappings. Anyone recall the Inquisition from history? Do we want those horrors visited upon the world again - at our own hand? Don't be fooled! The free world is depending upon you and your level headedness. Protect the freedom of speech of your citizens. To be truthful, the Democrats in the House of Representatives in the USA - always ones to stifle free speech and dissent if the word gets out about their shennigans - are poised to pass "hate crimes" laws [HR 1592] that would also stifle freedom of speech and even add the crime of "hate thought". A must read is Free Speech, R.I.P.. To start, Dymphna begins her post: "The Finns aren't the only ones having trouble with a chill wind blowing across their free speech rights - we're about to face a big battle against the enemies of the First Amendment here in the USA, beginning tomorrow (5/3/07)...." Two articles give more information about the efforts to shred Freedom of Speech in the USA for citizens: "Hate Crimes" Bill Moving to Full House and Hate Crimes Law Could Muzzle Free Speech, Critics Fear. The mind fights the ever-nearing truth of 1984, Animal Farm, and Brave New World - all designed to show us the folly of our ways toward "group think" and the movie by Tom Cruise, Minority Report of 2002 designed to ward off crimes by "thought" police. All of this push to stifle and punish free speech tells me that there must be a great deal of truth in our blogs and our talk-radio that is hitting really close to home for you-know-who so they cry foul when it is in fact the foul breath of the Islamic terrorists and the foul tenets of servitude and dhimmitude which cause us to speak the truth to sleeping citizens. Like Paul Revere with his shouts, "The British are coming! The British are coming!" to alert his fellows; the bloggers today may well be the "Paul Reveres" of our time. So, here goes, "Tyranny is coming! Tyranny is coming!" and it comes first through "hate crime/hate speech" laws. Next it comes through banning books, banning religions (non-Muslim), banning foods, banning dress, and on it goes. To reach Finnish authorities in the USA, see here for phone and fax numbers and for a mailing address.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My English skills are not very good, but I was very happy when I had read your new post to your blog.

Thank you for your support to Finnish bloggers. I am also finnish blogger and I really appreciate all support that we can get from other countries agains the Finnish goverments cencorship on the internet.

I hope that all people outside from Finland also contacts to local media and will inform media, that there is that kind of cencorship problem in Finland just now. I believe that if we do not get support outside from Finland we do have hard times here in Finland later. It is possible that we have not anymore freedom to tell what we really think, if we don´t get all the support.

I believe that if we get support from bloggers outside Finland and if we get also support from international media Finnish goverment will allow the freedom of speech in future.

I appeal to international bloggers society, that you will write about this Finnish problem to your blog and I hope that everyone also contacts to media and tells about what is going to happen just now in Finland.

Thank you ones more and
Best Regards from Finland


8:15 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Thank you. If you want to leave me your blog link, I don't have to publish it but that way I can come to your blog as well. I plan to post on what our freedoms mean to us in the USA - and know that our freedom of speech is under attack as well.

If we bloggers stick together, we can make a difference.

Just let me know your blog. I won't post the link.

I appreciate your time and value our solidarity!

8:55 PM  

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