Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Is US Army suppressing truth about Iraq?

Is the US Army shutting down embedded bloggers from posting the ONLY truth that is getting out of Iraq? The following post needs to be preserved and read by all Americans who want "truth and justice" in Iraq for our soldiers and for the Iraqi people. I have just been told that an officer in the US Army Command may have issued a "stop order" to all bloggers within Iraq - those men and women trying to get the truth out above and beyond the slanted, biased anti-American, pro-Islamist media and our beloved Democrats. I have not linked to the following post because I want to "protect" our friend on the ground in Iraq - telling us the truth. [Will link at author's request.] We need to heed the words and have faith in them... The latest report: _______________ Politicians Just Don’t Get It: So I’ve been stewing for a while about all of the asinine politics and downright ignorant behavior being displayed by the democratic congress in Washington versus President Bush. We were watching a documentary today titled “Obsession-Radical Islam’s War against the West”. This particular documentary focused on radical Islam, its ideologies, and effects worldwide. It did make it a point to inform that not all Muslims believe in this type of Islam and its “encouraged” behavior. As we’re watching the documentary, it shows how much they hate us, the idea of us, and how they will NEVER stop until all infidels are dead. I understand the mechanics and the behavior being taught and encouraged as the right thing to do in the name of the Muslim religion. But let’s look at a different issue that runs parallel to radical Islam. Our media tends to cover the death of US soldiers and the situation here in such a manner as to paint a picture that all of Iraq hates us and wants us out of the country. This skewed vision is made more powerful by the visual clips from “archive footage”, hired “Military Experts”, and politicians screaming about how we’re losing the war. Michael Moore stated, “There are no terrorists and no terrorist threat”. I wonder if he was at ground zero in New York when the planes hit. I highly doubt that New Yorkers would agree with him or would allow him into their homes after a statement like that. While I’ve only visited New York and been through the JFK Airport, I can tell you that they LOVE the military and what they do as they have welcomed us with standing ovations and hugs. Imagine that, a predominately democratic state being guilty of such behavior. Why, because New Yorkers remember being attacked. What a good amount of the rest of Americans either fail to realize or acknowledge is that by repeatedly airing such nonsense, the media and politicians are as equally dangerous as the insurgents we face everyday. Freedom of the press is a powerful weapon that the media wields with little to no forethought of the effects just for the ratings alone. I truly wonder how New Yorkers feel when they watch or hear all of this going on and being treated as if their state wasn’t involved in the September 11th attacks. Military “experts”, analysts, and politicians use reports of VBIEDs (Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosives) laced with chlorine, suicide bombers, and sectarian violence as evidence that Iraq is in a civil war. Yes, all three (and more) do occur here and I would be a liar to tell you different. But why only tell one side of the story? In the Iraqi culture as a whole, they have never been into suicide bombing, killing of innocent women and children who were at the market, or sectarian violence on a grand scale. Exceptions to the rule include Saddam Hussein’s purging of the Kurds and the Shia. Your average Iraqi Muslim values life, family, and peace. A majority of the instigating violence here is carried out by foreign fighters from the Stans (Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and the other Stans), Iran, and other countries that have no true interest in helping the Iraqi people move forward. It is all about control. They are raising and training several generations of children to believe in this as a way of life in order for Islam to dominate the world. If you think this idealism sounds familiar then you must have either read or heard about Adolph Hitler’s idealism and goals for a pure Germany and a new world order. I find it very shocking that the children of the great generation of WWII veterans have forgotten, ignored and turned their backs on what their fathers fought and died for. These children are now in control of Washington and have abandoned the ideals that WWII Americans fought so hard to defend in favor of looking good for the media and insuring their future employment in politics. They will brag about a Democratic or Republican controlled house or senate. What happened to ONE nation? Have they forgotten that they were elected to represent the people of the UNITED States and not their party affiliations? But what do I know; I’m just a grunt over here with a hodge podge of other American grunts that are truly united. We have and will always throw our differences aside in an instant the very second that lives are in danger; ours or the Iraqi’s. Now the Iraqis will fire off a clip out of an AK-47, they’ll yell at each other, and yes, they have and will kill each other but not in the methods described above. However, the majority of the violence against the civilian population and coalition forces has and is carried out by foreign fighters recruited by Al-Qaeda. They recruit young men and now women & children to join the Jihad against the “Great Satan” (you & I) with the promise of becoming martyrs in the name of Allah. That’s why we call them insurgents. You see by definition, a civil war would mean Iraqi versus Iraqi exclusively-which is not the case in Iraq. Rwanda, America and the Balkans are examples of civil war with the bonus of genocide, or ethnic cleansing, as the media states it. I’m not sure if it’s to soften the blow on the American public to the fact that they kill large numbers of people based off of a race, religion, class, or color. But...., you stated America!! Yes, we’ve had a civil war (North vs South/Union vs Rebels) with genocide on both sides and the genocide of the slaves. The descendants of that civil war continued to pass on the ideals that defined that war. “All men are created equal”- in the north, and “niggers need to know their place” in the south. Yes, I am quoting from several different sources and am not using the PC terms as it would lose the impact of my point. Yep, we’re guilty or our own sins like this but we’re making an attempt to learn and correct those mistakes from the past. But unlike us, it is still going on here everyday with the same intensity. Al Qaeda’s greatest fear here is that the Iraqi people will get seriously pissed and unite against them and their version of Islam. They are desperate to drive this nation into civil war because they know it is their only way to stop the very idea of a united Iraq that is free from their oppression. The irony is that their most prized ally now is the American media and a majority of the democratic national party. Bottom line, if the democrats really want to “support the soldier” as they claim, the best way to do so is to STOP HELPING! End of post! ___________ How good the truth must be if our own generals don't want us to know it? Or is it that they don't want the enemy to know that Americans are learning the truth inspite of the efforts of the enemy's handmaiden, the American so-called mainstream media and the Democrat Party - to suppress the good news coming out of Iraq through the blogs? If the US Army has, in fact, ordered the command to stop bloggers getting out the truth about conditions in Iraq under the guise of "security", does that order fall under the shade of "treason"? If true, as reported on the Hugh Hewitt's show today - May 2, 2007 - who issued the command? If an Army officer issued such an order, he is on the side of the Democrats who are demanding defeat, shouting it loud and clear, along their venomous hatred of all things American even to Middle Eastern networks. Any Army officer who may have issued such a command is certainly on the side of the defeat of our military, the men and women he has under his command. What General wouldn't want the success of his troops reaching the ears of the American people? What General would sabotage his own people and his nation?


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