Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Foot-washing basins at airports! Good news for Christians?

Foot-washing stations at airports and at universities to accommodate "religious" practice (hmmm - good news for Christians, the separation of church and state seems to be over, on the way out thanks to Muslims demanding accommodation in the name of religion). Could be funny if you just let your imagination have a holiday. I just posted Foot-washing at airports! What next, legalized female mutilation? over here with a bit more "humor". The cross-posting was spurred on by a post Mosque and State: Inseparable, also posted here. My added commentary includes the following: Upon reading “Mosque and State: Inseparable” posted at Fighting in the Shade, I decided to go for the “gold” ring and include my rather irate and irreverent post, Foot-washing at airports! What next, legalized female mutilation?. My sometimes outrageous titles come from sheer screaming, frothing at the mouth, disgust with our many ‘oh-doesn’t-Granny-Nancy-look-so-precious-in-her-silk-hijab-from-Sacks’ politicians that I can hardly stand the dementia they are clearly exhibiting. Institutionalize them quick! Oh, they are institutionalized - it is called Congress, both the House of Representatives and the Senate - the “greatest deliberative body on earth”. The hubris! The arrogance! I’m telling you, it is all a “hang-over” from their Haight-Ashbury days in good, old San Francisco where they flounced around in dirty night-shirts and wilted “flowers in their hair” catching STDs that arguably are now making their mark as the brains of these “fine” folk get more addled by the second. We cannot afford their illness; goodness knows we are forced to financially support them and their dimwitted pronouncements; but the United States of America, and certainly including Congress, cannot afford to become their “nursing home for aging Dhimmicats.” [Folks paying tribute to Islam.] The additional commentary was a result of reading “Mosque and State: Inseparable” also linked above. My initial post can be read here. It is said that God helps/looks after fools and drunks. I sure hope He will look after the United States of America. Once Sharia Law - one concession at a time - takes over, it will be “The Islamic Republic of the North American Union” for us all, Catholicism, Santerea, and all the other “religions” real or imagined combined will be relegated to inferior status and taxed on their religious practice [I think Thomas Jefferson said a few words against this practice.]. The good (?) news is that our Islamic overlords won’t kill us all. To support a parasite, one needs a host and that would be me, you, and my dog named Blue. We pay the tax; we work to keep everything running; and Islamists are elevated to their rightful place of superiority. For the rest of us, it is the Dark Ages once again. The much better news is that if Christians hop on this they can demand their own prayer rooms, their own altars, their own preacher-counselors. The list is unlimited. How about founts for "Holy Water?" The only way to stop the incursion of Sharia (Islamic) Law is to fight back with humor and with like-demands. Personally, I think it would be fun for all non-Muslim women to wear full-dress burkas when they go out for one entire month just for effect. The clothing industry would have a "cow" as sales fall because, guess what - the burqa/burka can do for American women what the "moo-moo" did. Go around in sloppy attire! It's all about comfort, baby! Stretch pants and burkas! Head to toe - no make-up needed. Ah, another industry would feel the loss of sales! Wait - we could really kill off Capitalism! I don't think the Islamists care a wit about global warming, after all, cut back on those "carbon footprints" and the sale of oil goes down. But women cannot drive cars in some Islamic nations, right? No more happy credit-cards lazy days at the mall. The induced euphoria just at the thought of no more responsibility. A good half of our population lives that way now but I'm not sure they'd fare well under an Islamist Sharia Law government. I don't thnk many food stamps would be going to the Kuffr! You’d hope we would have learned a few things from history, but no - we don’t teach history any longer! I’m still waiting for some bright soul to declare that Islam - certainly as practiced by the screaming anti-American, anti-Western Civilization imams amongst us - is no religion at all but a political ideology such as Marxism, you fill in the “ism” just dressed up in Mommy’s robes but with the age-old human drive for power and control of the world. See Turkey defends against Islamic Caliphate. Turkey’s Army stands in defense of Turkey’s secular government. Who will protect our “separation of church and state” and defend us from Sharia Law? The Islamists must be laughing themselves silly at how easy it is for them to get their nose under the tent. Who needs terrorist bombings when we can be overthrown by our own laws? But girls, think of the money we'd save! And like Henry Ford said when asked if a person could buy a car in other colors. "Yes, any color you want as long as it's black."


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