Friday, September 10, 2010

Oriana Fallaci to be remembered: The Rage and The Pride

The destruction of the World Trade Centers in NYC, the attack on the Pentagon, and Flight 93 occurred tomorrow on September 11, 2001.   But Orana Fallaci was in NYC and she shook her mighty fist at the perpetrators and she spat on them...

She knew them and their kind well and she knew the symbolism which is one reason the Victory Mosque at Ground Zero must be stopped, non-violently of course, but stopped because it is a symbol of another intended Islamic victory over the West...right in our front yard as a most sacred location to us - Ground Zero...

When speaking about the Cordoba Project, the Victory Mosque at Ground Zero, we speak of things being or having much symbolism to Islam and dates and circumstances having their own imagery and symbolism. 

It is no accident that the attacks occurred on 9/11 which of course is our standard phone number to  call for emergencies and so the Islamists or the Islamic terrorists and their handlers ensured that forever and always the numbers 9/11 will always, ALWAYS, remind us of that terrible day when our nation was attacked by the jihad, the Islamic crusade.  Make no mistake and be under no illusion:  the attack was and is a marker of that Islamic jihad - Islam's crusade against Christianity that has been lasting for centuries... 

To a woman, a lady, who knew resistance from childhood and who knew the threat we face:

Oriana Fallaci was living in Manhattan when that attack occurred and she wrote about it.  See her work on the Rage and the Pride and more.  See The Rage and The Pride.

If you are an American or another person born in what could be called Western Civilization, you owe it to yourself to own a copy of The Rage and the Pride and  to read it often, especially on or during the period of 9/11.

Oriana Fallaci passed away in 2006 as I recall on September 15 and her body was buried in Florence, Italy, the city and country she loved.  She was a "persona non grata" in her home nation because she wrote the truth about dictators and about Islamic jihad and about the Muslim stealth invasion of her beloved Italy. 

She was a fearless, bold, and brave woman born into World War II and the world of Mussolini in Italy.  At the age of 12 she helped her father in the Italian resistance.  And it was here that her resistance to tyranny began, much like another lady that history will record in this fight against Islam's jihad/crusade against the West, I must also mention Brigette Gabriel who spent her childhood in Lebanon surviving against Hezbollah and others... 

To Oriana Fallaci...

Oriana Fallaci loved America and her writings express better than even we can the indignity she experienced when the Twin Towers were attacked.  She was in Manhattan when the towers rumbled and went down and over 3,000 people were murdered under no banner of declared war with a recognized enemy.  Of course, we know who the enemy is and we know that one day we will be forced to take our blinders off and call the enemy out for what it is a political ideology dressed up in the trappings of "religion"...

We have lost a voice in Oriana Fallaci, a voice who would and did have no fear in calling out the enemy of freedom - ...... the ideology that is now called "radicalized" Islam but how clever we are with words as we continue to skirt the truth.

I'm glad Orianna Fallaci was here in America that day to shake her fist and to shout as no one else could as she screamed through her writing at the followers of Mohammad who flew into the Twin Towers, "I spit on you..."

In memory and honor of Oriana Fallaci, a battle-wary journalist who fought with words, with pen and ink, and fought tyranny until the last days of her life.

I beg you to let her words ring on through your reading of them and if you are very brave, read the Rage and the Pride out loud.  Use inflection, use your hand in exclamation.  I promise you that you will never be sorry that you took in her passion, her power, and her words.  You will never regret bringing breath and life to her words once more and you will never regret bringing her memory up from the grave to enliven you today and to fill your heart with love and honor, duty and courage for your country...and for Western Civilization. 

Those of you who are in Florence and pay respects to her, please say a word or two for me for her as well...  Thank  you.



Blogger WAKE UP said...

Damn right Beach Girl, and her other book "The Force of Reason" is equally strong and equally important.

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