Saturday, September 11, 2010

9/11: Islam on Crusade to destroy the West?

Islam controversies to over-shadow 9/11 ceremonies

In this link, Mr. Obama is quoted as stating that "we are not at war with Islam."

I agree that we are not at war with Islam but all of us who agree with that statement are a little late to the party because since the mid-1970s, Islam (its leaders) have declared through their actions and their support of the Islamic terrorists that they, Islam is at war against America and all of the Western World or civilized world that has freedoms and liberties for its people.

Britain is gone over to the "dark side" or it will be soon.  Oh, the Royals will rule in name only as the nation is controlled by Islam.

Islam is at war against us, against America. 

On the subject of mosques being built in America.  No more mosques should be sanctioned in America, not a question of "religious freedom" but a question of invasion and establishment of centers for terrorist activities.

We'll never be able to find out the answer to this question but where is the money for all of the mosques that are built or opened in America coming from:  Saudi Arabia would be my bet and the Saudis practice Wahhabi Islam, the most violent and most actively anti-American form.

Not one more mosque should be built or created in America until Saudi Arabia allows the building of Christian Churches and Jewish temples two things that will occur when "hell freezes over."

Islam is at war against the civilized world, the West, and the leaders are serious.  Islam is on the rise.  Perhaps we may have to suffer the loss of our freedoms to accept the truth that Islam is actively engaged in a crusade against us and our way of life.

Yes, an active Islamic crusade to conquer or destroy us and we are allowing it to happen.

The leaders are smart because they have hoisted us upon the very freedoms they wish to destroy...



Just been reading about the Christian Arab immigrant in Sweden who stood for the patriot Sweden Democrat Party in the recent election. 'F---ing Christian,' he heard louts shouting in the street outside his home.
When he went out, he found a mob of primitives waiting in ambush. Stabbed, in hospital, he's giving up politics.

Here in Indonesia, a Christian pastor was stabbed recently, after church services had been disrupted for weeks by mobs of Islamist savages.
Though the church resisted the demand by the local authority to move their site, today they gave in.
Intimidation works, all too often.
Our expat conservative blog, Ross's Right Angle, tries to keep up with developments around Indonesia but there is a constant flow of reports.
It's sad to see.

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