Friday, September 10, 2010

Burning the Quran: maybe fighting Sharia is a better plan...

Christians in Gaza Fear for their lives

As all hell breaks loose in Gaza, no surprise there, we have our own Qur'an burning  here folks at home. See Drudge for the latest.  He has a whole list of more pastors who plan to burn the Qu'ran tomorrow - 9/11.  Is 9/11 going to be the dedication day for the opening of the Victory Mosque at Ground Zero????

Do these pastors no less think that will keep the Victory Mosque, commemorating the Islamic terrorists thrashing of America and bringing us to our knees,from being built.

Of course not. These acts of will just inflame feelings here at home and around the world and make Mr. Obama and Mr. Mayor Bloomberg just more resolute in ensuring that the Victory Mosque is built at Ground Zero in obeisance to Islamic success. It will increase tourism in NYC and make Ground Zero become the Mecca of North America. It will become a shrine to would-be Islamic terrorists or jihadists.

One day, we'll have to face up to the threat we face and we'll have to acknowledge that the threat is not new. It is centuries old and began with Mohammad when he got a few war lords together to sack, rape, pillage, and plunder camps and cities of the unbelievers - that would be Christians and Jews. Of course, that we all believe in the one true God is of no consequence.

Christians agreed that Jesus Christ was who He said He was, the Son of God, and we agreed in the Trinity that God manifested Himself and manifests Himself in three ways. I know we say "three persons" but for Christians He is still now and forever ONE God that we acknowledge His power and that we acknowledge Him as a dimensional being is the crux of the matter and it for that and only that that the followers of Islam have something to latch onto. It cannot be refuted for Christians and Islams followers won't let us have that one because the Qu'ran says, Say not Trinity.....

So there you have it. We'll either take a stand and say no Sharia in America or we'll have little pastors burning the Qur'an and placing all of us in jeopardy.

Pick the battles you can win and win well but for goodness sake don't add fuel to the fire and don't burn the Qur'an. What will that change except for putting the lives of Americans at risk.

Book burning is not an American battle tactic and burning the Qu'ran is just one more chance for us to play into the hands of the Islamists and let them wail and cry "victim" once more.  We have to fight the hatred in the Qur'an and we do that by remembering and never forgetting that Islam is in an active crusade against the West and we must fight it every step of the way.  Burning the Qu'ran may do it for you but that's not perhaps the best way to be vigilant and to fight the counter jihad.  Your choice...

Ya wanna burn a book, how about Alinsky's Rules for Radicals. There are probably hundreds of copies of that gem in the White House and in Congress...

But that would be a book to burn for fun. Leave the Qu'ran alone.  It speaks for itself more than any imam can defend it....and its hatred against Christians, Jews, and all other unbelievers.

Right now the Muslims in the Gaza area are burning Bibles and destroying Crosses. What a novel idea and Palestine wants to become a nation. Whoopee!  What's one more tribe with a flag in the UN to join the other 57 or so terrorist-sponsoring Islamic nations?


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