Monday, August 30, 2010

Obama speaks of our core values? What are they?

Obama still battling the "citizenship" and Muslim question, Christian or Muslim? What difference does it make? None. Mr. Obama has declared that he will always side with Muslims against Christians and against the best interest of the nation that elected him. Shame on us. He has said that this is not a Christian nation and I'll submit that if it were not, there would be no freedom of religion in this nation. You won't find religious freedom in Islamic-controlled nations except for taxes on unbelievers... About a victory mosque and victory commemoration center at Ground Zero - well, wait and see. As to his birth, Ann Durham was recorded as being in Kenya during his birth, in Washington State during his birth, and in Hawaii which will not send you a copy of his birth certificate so who knows? He's the dark horse, the Manchurian president. It would be nice if he spent some of his time with his birth certificate plastered on his forehead but here is another fact as pointed out to me by Muslim readers and that is that Mr. Obama was born a Muslim and that he is an apostate. Don't worry, he has set down the standard that we are no longer a Christian nation and as we become his Muslim nation, we'll see who is tolerant and who allows freedoms of our Bill of Rights. I'm not disenchanted with Mr. Obama; he is every bit as anti-American as he demonstrates himself to be. But unless he changes the law or gets us into a large war, he'll be out of office soon. Our job is to survive under God with our families stronger. We have a strong Christian community within the Black American community. How do those folks feel to hear our president say that we are not a Christian nation? Building a mosque is not about "building a mosque" at Ground Zero; it is about erecting a "VICTORY Center or tribute" to the success of the Islamist in bringing us to our knees. To them it is a job well-done and our laws will open the door for them making the institution of Sharia Law easier. Wait and see.... Recently I mistakenly compared Michelle Obama to Maria Antoinette, my apologies to the last Queen of France.


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