Friday, August 27, 2010

Obama, Timmy Geitner, and Administration: a security threat

According to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, our national debt is a security threat, Mullen: National Debt a Security Threat, ergo, Obama, Pelosi and Reid's Congress and Senate as well as Obama's administration's geniuses who got us into this debt and are happy piling on more debt as they send radical Sharia-Law Imam Rauf on his trips to Middle East and around the nation and maybe even funneling our tax dollars into the proposed Islamist war center under cover as a mosque are the major security threat to our nation and to our individual liberties and freedoms. Don't think so? Wait and see what Papa Bear and his little bears have in store for us. They are certainly the biggest threat that Israel faces. Let's see how the Israelis do with Janet Napolitano's man-made distasters coming in from Iran. Yep, we're up against it and the threat is within our walls and gates, even living under the roof we pay for and enjoying the dinners our taxes pay for too, not to mention the trips. Michelle may be okay all by herself but she is beginning to remind me of Marie Antoinette in terms of the couple's heedless and willful neglect of costs to the American people - even to the black tax payers who voted for them. Again, we shout of the theo-political ideology that drives the Islamists when we have no room to talk because our own thug-ocracy is hell-bent on driving us into the ground. The only question is who'll get the job done first... You bet our national debt is a security threat and the boys and girls who put us into that debt going back a decade or so are all culpable... The joy of reading history with its ups and downs proves the point that this too shall pass and we are Americans; unless we are manipulated by the race-baiters, our bond goes much deeper than the color of our skin or the "religion" we follow. Our bond is strongest when it comes to the content of our character. Our president, a major security risk, won't even prove his citizenship so we know the content of that character. Al Sharpton is trying to say that only non-white folks can demonstrate for duty, country, and honor but then there is always Tawana Brawley... We know where the risk to our security resides and we have two elections coming up: 2010 and 2012 when we can together right the wrongs we engaged in when in some delusional state, we thought or some of us thought that the color of a man's skin entitled him to the office of the Presidency of the United States. This too shall pass and with vigilance, we'll get through it. It is a little scary to know that our president is the least qualified person in any room he enters, even the one he shares with Michelle Marie... But Jimmy Carter a national security risk/threat all by himself including when he helped overthrow the Shah of Iran has lost his claim to the weakest and worst president we have had since ever. The up-side for Jimmy Carter may be that when he is visiting our president and they are in the same room, Jimmy Carter may no longer be the least competent fellow in the room. Don't get me wrong. I suspect our president is happy and pulling the wool over our eyes all of the time; and things are going like he wants them to go as he sends us on a tobogan ride into his idea of the "tribal collective" of Black Liberation Theology which is much like the generalized collective for "social justice" (that also describes Islamic ideology) but the term Socialism cannot really encompass the extent of the perversion of our U.S. Constitution and our system of "checks and balances". Let's give Nancy Pelosi the boot and take away her little gavel. Tick tock... It's an interesting ride and the view from the Victory Mosque at Ground Zero will be spectacular...


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