Thursday, September 02, 2010

Beslan: the truth of Islam's shame

Atlas Shrugs: Six Year Terrible Anniversary - Beslan Jihad

If you can read the post at Atlas Shrugs, as well as some of the comments from well-known bloggers, and not experience a full range of emotion you are different than most.

It was difficult to read the post and to read the other material too.

Thank You to Pamela Geller and other bloggers for keeping the outrages of the terrorists who follow the directions of Mohammed and by extension, Allah, in front of us.

Perhaps many in New York City have forgotten the Twin Towers coming down, or forgotten that September day when their alarm didn't sound and they were late for work at the Twin Towers, perhaps New York City's mayor has forgotten the followers for Islam who murdered over 3,000 people on 9/11, attacked the Pentagon, and tried for the Capitol or the White House.

We need to be reminded that those dregs of mankind are the true followers of Islam; they didn't hijack anything.

I cannot comment on the followers of Islam who live in the West peacefully. Is it for a better life? Away from the rabid imams who taught the terrorists who follow the teachings of Islam.

Read the Koran; it won't count much if you read it in English because Arabic is superior but the message of killing those who put "another" god above Allah or who believe in the "Trinity" is clear.

The terrorists at Beslan did not, from my reading, go against the Koran; they followed it and there in is the root or branch of what faces us, all of us in the West.

A day may come in the West when those who follow the teachings of Islam and maintain that it is a "peaceful" religion instead of a political ideology will have decisions to make.

Thank you, bloggers, for giving honor to the men, women, and children who were the victims of such horrid dregs. Thank you for this brief time giving them life again across the internet for as long as they remain in our memory, they have life.

And that thought brings me to the memory of a great lady, Oriana Fallaci, who told it like it was as she lived it and who at the end of her life, returned to Florence, Italy to rest there when she had finally found peace...when all she had known throughout her life was war... God Bless Oriana and God Bless the little children and adults at Beslan...



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