Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Burning Qur'an, City Council opens with Islamic prayers

Yes, we have lost our flipping minds. First a church in Florida plans to burn copies of the Qur'an on September 11 and then in Connecticut, a city council plans to begin town meetings with Islamic prayers or rather, prayers presented in the Islamic tradition. Hmmmm.... Will the ladies have to wear head coverings? See Drudge Report on these two issues. The prayers fits into the Sharia thing nicely because this city council has or does not mix church with politics and by bowing to or including the Islamic prayers, they will be very Sharia-compliant and they will remove church from politics entirely and make the meeting conform to the ideology of Islam which is the "state." This of course is not the same town but the same state that gave us Keslo vs New London where we lost our ownership of private property now that it can be taken by the city for whatever reason. The Victory Mosque at Ground Zero moves along probably with some of our money funneled here, there, or everywhere so New Yorkers will be proud. As we are scaled as Sharia-compliant or not and said to be very Sharia compliant, let's change the laws and make wife-beating no crime at all; let's get on board with the "kill the daughter who was raped parade" and allow sons and fathers to kill up to three but no more than three girls in the family before their (the father and sons) behavior hits "crime level." Some day, our backs will be against the wall and we'll stand together or we'll fall one by one. One the burning of the Qur'an. Shame on that pastor and his church members. I have read the Qur'an although only in English and of course there is much not to like and Sharia goes against our way of life but the question is is our way of life changing? Have the schools under the directives from Washington taken the foundation of our nation right out from under us as we entrusted our children to the dictatorship because we had to work with mouths to feed? Are we building a strong nation that has people who are not afraid to stand for their principles? The America I thought I knew may no longer exist and if that is so, then the men and women who defend us may be risking their lives for unfulfilled promises. It is like my heart is bleeding or weeping tears for our nation and for a dear friend who has met a terrible foe. The foe is dementia and the prognosis is not good - no home to return to and belongings gone because the grieving for the family is too much to handle - beyond speakable for a family to see their loved one become only a shell of the vibrant person who lived, laughed, and loved withing the now shrinking body. Do we have "collective dementia?" Do we know the words are right at our finger-tips but we just cannot manage to grasp them? Is our America an empty shell of what she once was? NO - not to me. I watch people when I am out and I see laughter and joy and goodness. That faith, God-centeredness that has made America so strong will hold us together as we meet the next few twists and turns the EU and a few of their fellow travelers here at home have in store for us. And we'll fight our way through any adversity; we'll help others when we can; and we'll keep our faith based in God, strongly based in God.

Anyone who wants to burn the Qu'ran has that choice but I'd recommend reading it, the Sunna, and Hadith so that we know the hatred that the teachings of Mohammad put out there and then we may better know the hatred the "enemy" has against us.  Of course, their victimhood is an excuse for violence from an address by the Pope using actual history to the flying imams creating a situation to call attention to themselves.

I won't give 'em fuel for their fire but read the Koran and write in it, highlight quotations so that we will know what we are talking about and we'll have the ammunition provided straight from Big Mo, attributed to Dymphna of the Gates of Vienna, and that way we can fight the counterjihad and keep Sharia out of America.


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