Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Iranian woman may be hanged, not stoned to death

Brazil offers haven to Iranian woman awaiting death by stoning in adultery case BUT the real question is:
She didn't commit adultery by herself so why isn't the man who cuckolded her husband being stoned to death too. You know he seduced her or maybe her husband did not fulfill her conjugal needs but wait, had she been martyred to female circumcision?
No, Islamic men do not value their women; they feel inferior to them and thus the men treat their women like dirt following the Quranic law to imitate Mohammed - beat your women; brutalize your little daughters, and if that doesn't work out kill the women in "honor killings" is just another way of saying the men feel inferior to their women.
Maybe the men should under-go full penile removal if they commit adultery and/or rape; that would be a nice change and for sure it would cut down of the repeat offenders...
Keep in mind all these folks are followers of Islam. Why do some folks have so much difficulty understanding that if the Islamists will do this to their own people, their own wives and daughters, what will they gladly do to we infidels?
I don't think a family that stones its daughters to death has any honor to begin with...



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