Monday, August 02, 2010

Honor Killing in America - Never Forget

Never forget this honor killing occurred in America, Please don't tell my father. Pamela Geller reminds us again that we have collectively lost our minds and our sense of morality to be replaced with mind-numbing "moral equvilancy". All cultures and mores are not the same people.
Recently in America a judge with "stupid" printed on his/her law degree ruled that a Muslim man could beat and repeatedly rape his wife because he was acting on the tenets of his "religion." The case was over-turned when heard by judges whose brains had not been turned into cottage cheese through the narcotic of "political correctness" and moral or cultural equivalency.
Hell, yes, we can and must make "value" judgments. It sounded good and so arrogant in under-graduate school when students would smirk and tell each other they were making moral or value judgments. Unfortunately that equates with or has turned many in our judicial system sitting in long black robes, burka-like, into oppressors of an era when common sense was thrown out and replaced with insanity.
We have voter-nullification and voter-disenfranchisement when one judge, appointed not elected and not beholden to the people can spit in the face of we the people and leave we the people open and vulnerable to the crimes from illegals who are enabled by our own government. And in the case of the Muslim woman who was left defenseless at the hands of a brutal husband, all of the years of trying to protect women can be washed away with the ruling of a "red diaper doper baby" judge who says the man is okay because "his religion" let him do it. At this rate, the honor killings/such as the murder of two sisters in Dallas, Texas, gunned down by their father would be considered justifiable and not punishable under our laws because Shariah Law would take precedent. You see, it is not the Constitution the Islamists want to change; it is just the passage of a precedent here or there such that you would hardly notice and whamo! your liberties are gone 'cause Shariah said it's expected that infidels should be killed then we wouldn't need GITMO...
We have come to a twisted, hairpin curve in the road between sanity and insanity. Unless we start digging in and seeing the "creeping Shariah" for what it is, insanity will be the result. Think Iranian justice can't happen here? Set up a Google search for Honor Killings or Muslim brutality toward women and see for yourself.



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