Monday, August 02, 2010

A Shariah Beach head at Ground Zero - Not on our watch!

Newt Gingrich, No mosque at Ground Zero. As Newt points out, having the mosque at Ground Zero is about "in your face" victory over the infidels. And it is not about having a place to bow down as there are at least 100 mosques in New York City.
Wake up, America! The Islamists are hoisting us on our own freedoms which they plan to destroy. It is a twist and difficult for the Western mind to wrap itself around. We were taught to be honest and truthful. Islamists are taught in the Qur'an to lie, dissemble, and prevaricate to infidels to do whatever it takes to advance Islam. In Islamists, are we dealing with sociopathic thugs who have one goal and one goal only - our collapse?
Remember how we were twisted in knots over the "flying imam" debacle where they created the incident and then turned themselves into victims? That's the playbook; learn to recognize it.
From Center for Security Policy, an article by Frank Gaffney, Jr., On "bashing" Muslims.
Make no mistake, the mosque at Ground Zero is not about religion; Islam is not a religion as we in the Western world tend to think of religion; it is not about the separation of church and state because Islam is the STATE and the ACLU wouldn't be able to shut down the anti-American rhetoric with a whimper of "political correctness" as the imams would laugh in their faces.
Islam is a cradle to grave theocracy which commands your every move and threatens those who leave or try to leave Islam with death; yes, death.


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