Monday, August 02, 2010

Kagan supports Shariah Law - can't sit on the bench

Elena Kagan supports Shariah Law and when / if she is placed on the Supreme Court of the Untied States we will have the camel's nose not only under the dent but stuck in the pudding.
In an editorial from Dick Morris,Kagan promoted Shariah Law at Harvard, Morris makes the case for why Senators should not allow Kagan to have a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court.
In addition to Morris' case regarding Shariah Law, he also points out that she stated that she favored many ideas and laws that were international in nature; putting some of them well beyond the tenets of our U.S. Constitution.
When / if Kagan becomes an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, we will never get rid of her and when she swears to uphold our laws she will be lying through her teeth much as Ruth Gingsburg did and has shown herself to have done by basing her judgments upon international laws. Chief Justice Roberts made it clear that a justice cannot base rulings upon international laws that pertain to other nations because we have no point of reference or jurisprudence about how another nation's laws came into being; we don't have the case law and our justices are supposed to and swear to base their decisions upon our American case law and upon the guidance of our U.S. Constitution.
Additionally, Shariah Law or Islamic Law taken from the Qur'an is directly opposed to our constitutional law... Contact your Senators and ask them to vote against Kagan and to vote for America.


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