Monday, August 02, 2010

Impeach Obama? Elect a Republican Congress in November

Yes, it is time to impeach Obama for his violation of his oath of office to defend and protect the U.S. Constitution and to defend our nation from invasion.
We have must remain "non-violent" for several reasons paramount among these reasons is that our Anti-American president and his minions in the Justice Department are just waiting for any chance to institute Martial Law.
And who would some of his minions be in herding us like cattle, the good folks in his private army, the TSA. Think that is far-fetched. Not really. Just watch the ease with which they rifle through our luggage, rummage through our most intimate articles of clothing, and nearly strip-search us. And we follow instructions with ease: "Oh, you want us to follow the line to the left? Or you'd rather we follow the file toward the showers?..." I apologize for the analogy but we have become very submissive and as mentioned at the Back in the Saddle", many of the searchers for TSA are our Muslim citizens. Hmmm.... I wonder why that would be?
A congressman said recently that this administration - the federal government can do most anything in this country - with no restrictions so the only possible chance we, as a people, have is to elect a Republican Congress and Senate in November so that we can impeach him for "high crimes and misdemeanors". I think supporting racism and racial strife among the people as well as failing to defend our citizens within the country or at our borders suffice to make him impeachable.
No wonder they have such distain for the American people.
And while you may be howling that Bush was not a strong defender of our borders, I called for his impeachment as well on the same grounds...
Our government has not just recently "become our enemy; the enemy of the people." It has been a long time coming and a long time developing into a stance of approach-avoidance when it comes to protecting American citizens from crime committed by illegals, from death on our highways, and from areas of OUR nation that are marked with signs that the government cannot protect you beyond a given point.
Isn't the government just a little ashamed? Don't the leaders realize that we are no longer a sovereign nation and that we are the laughing stock of the world? Who would be our ally when we don't even protect our own legal citizens?
Are we a banana republic yet?
Finally, "Say it loud and say it proud" as Arizona Sheriff did in an article written by Penny Starr, Our own government has become our enemy.
How long have we known this but yet have been in a state of disbelief to actually voice it?
Eric Holder and the Anti-American president Hussein Obama, using the ACLU as their foil are suing a state in the union for trying to defend itself and protect its citizens from the chaos and crime that surrounds the illegal / immigrants who by definition are breaking the law. I listened to a misguided man of Hispanic descent who was waxing about our nation of "equality under the law." Well yes but what about "illegal" doesn't he understand...
Perhaps the ACLU should be charged under RICO statutes for intimidating the American people and for working to erode our laws and traditions. H/T to Michael Savage.


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