Monday, July 26, 2010

Family Values Muslim Style

With a h/t to Jihad Watch, Muslim family values once again at the heart of 'honor killing' in Jordan. Jordan Muslim murders his 16 year old niece in honor killing, she was raped. I have to ask myself what type of society in the 21st Century kills a young woman because she was raped? A civilized society? A society that defends women against rapists? Or is it a backward society that in true Orwellian speak, kills a young girl in an 'honor killing' because she was raped? It would seem that a society that honors its young girls and women, a society that as Arafat said, "will use the womb of its women to take over the world", would protect them and not have the somewhat twisted notion that killing a rape victim somehow restores honor to the family whose daughter has been raped. But not in the Islamic view or so it seems based upon the behavior of some of its members. The rape victim is the one who has defiled the family honor. That is twisted. It would seem that the person who murders the victim of rape is the one who steals the honor of the family; it would seem that the cultural system that sees the murder of the rape victim is perhaps the twisted mind-set. How severely are women brutalized within the Muslim culture or is that only a myth?


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