Monday, July 26, 2010

EU sets up common foreign policy service

Under the Treaty of Lisbon, the EU has established its European External Action Service, the EEAS which appears to be a common foreign policy and common security service that would, independent of EU nations, establish a service whose mandate is to
support the High Representative, who is also a Vice-President of the Commission and the President of the Foreign Affairs Council, in fulfilling his mandate to conduct the Common Foreign and Security Policy ("CFSP") of the Union and to ensure the consistency of the Union's external action.
This seems to me to signify that the EU EEAS will establish common policy for the defense and for the foreign policy for the EU. The EU is moving more and more into a "super-state" or nation with lesser states as the "once independent nations which now comprise the EU give over more and more of their autonomy to the EU layers upon layers of courts, services, and agencies. As a novice in this area, it seems to me that the United States will be forced, if not so already, to treat with and negotiate with the EU as a "super-nation" instead of treating with individual member nations so that the formerly independent nations that comprise the EU will or are becoming more and more like states within the United States or vassals to what we call the "federal" government. Does this EEAS mean that member states of the EU will be giving up their independent foreign policy departments and deferring to the foreign policy established by the EU's High Representative? What does that spell for us in terms of NATO and other such treaties, alliances, and agreements we have had with European nations?


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