Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bertha: flush the bowl and wash your mouth out.

It never surprises that the far left are always screaming "racist" about or toward anyone who doesn't look like them... Former ACORN head calls Tea Parties bowel movement and claims they're coming after you. I agree - ACORN and other non-racists, such as those is the SEIU and let's not forget La Raza, are coming after me because I'm light toned in skin color and have worked in education both in US and overseas to teach American students. We were not color coded in those days and censorship or political correctness had not made it into censoring our speech. Murder was murder and not a "hate" crime. Maybe a man or woman who kills her spouse commits a "hate" crime of the sexist variety. We have lost our collective minds but the likes of Mao and Pol Pot and the killing fields of Cambodia should remind us. Is former ACORN Bertha coming after me and is that what she has in store for me? I pay taxes and probably support her against my will. She should be ashamed of herself for warping the minds of the socialist youth. Folks like that who cry for violence against other races should be hoisted on their own words of "hate speech." Shame on Bertha...


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